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Desc:Educational opossum eating strawberries. He tips his head back to avoid spilling the juice.
Category:Pets & Animals
Tags:opossum, possum, strawberries, worse animals, smacking sounds
Submitted:Dr. Zaius
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Comment count is 26
andru strange
please pull your dick out of your ass, poetv.
Caminante Nocturno
I have it on good authority that andru strange cannot get a job due to being mentally underdeveloped.

andru strange
and you sir, are a faggot. zing!

Biologists tend to be warm, interesting people. Coming from a science/engineering school, I saw that the more kids hated biology, the colder and duller they tended to be.

Billy the Poet
Room left in yours?

The fact that you can't appreciate an opossum eating strawberries leads me to travel to your home and stab your fat stupid face with a flensing knife over and over again until you no longer post on any website in existence but rather just bleed and bleed and bleed from your fat stupid stupid fucking fat face, shut up you fucking blind fat fag.

Careful andru, I think he means it. Kthor was preyed upon by dozens of lecherous old men when he was a teenage girl. Also, he had a nasty waterskiing accident, mangling his vagina beyond repair. He isn't right in the head anymore.

I heard kthor's dog poems were actually for Seanbaby, during the hight of his career - who rejected the advances because he was into strong black men, and beating off with the powerglove. Heartbroken, kthor now makes and stars in his own reality TV shows

andru strange
i heard he regularly gets the white slapped off him on public transit.

an adorable possum to distract me from my miserable life for 20 seconds? that's worth some stars.
Caminante Nocturno
When possum has strawberry, nothing else exists for it.
OM NOM NOM I HAS MANY STRAWBERRIES. -1 for horrible mouth noises.
Four stars for people reacting as if a creature that lives inside rotting carcasses is cute. You give me hope for the world.
The fact that a rotting carcass creature IS that cute proves that there is beauty in unlikely places. LOVE IS ALL AROUND.

See the opossum is not very cute in and of itself but the particular way in which it eats the strawberries is adorable.

"He tips his head back to avoid spilling the juice" = "I step away from the mic to breath in"

The sad thing is that the little guy is probably in southern Georgia... and those strawberries are just to fatten him up so that the cameraman can have more stew.
B. Weed
This is about as cute as opossums get.
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I like mammals.
Feral possums killed my family. So, four stars.
cute animals are cute, but only when they're in real life. Internet is far too easy, and cheap
Guns and women in bikinis are awesome, but only when they're in real life. Internet is far too easy, and cheap.

I agree.

Well about this time that ol' possum was eatin' some strawberries.
He eats them from left to right like a little Aspergers possum!
I just love the wide eyed stare he gives the strawberries whenever he goes to get another, as if to say

"FUCK! Which one am I gonna eat next? There is just too much delicious here to handle!"
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