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Desc:No, it's not what you think. It's a surreal musical Karo corn syrup ad from the 60s.
Category:Advertisements, Horror
Tags:Singing, 60s, cooking, pot, Something Weird
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Comment count is 14
Lift my lid and I'll show you how! Yeah, come on, baby, lift my lid. Quick, while your husband's still at work!
It breaks my heart that this clip ends before Karo is introduced as a panacea.
Oh, they put it on EVERYTHING.

Roast ham? Coat it in Karo!

Asparagus? Karo!

don't knock karo! best base for fake blood i've ever found. couldn't have made my student films without it!

I've never heard of Karo syrup being used for anything other than fake blood. Actually eating it is a foreign concept.

Rodents of Unusual Size
Yes, dear pot, thinking of you as a fairy godpot isn't so odd at all!

If Wolfgang Puck ever goes to Hell, it's going to look like this.
You clean and fuss and scrub his piss
those yellow spots where he missed...
then just like corn upon the cob -
cook for him, you married SOB...

"you mean like THIS?"
That's right! now give it that KARO TWIST!!!
"I love you Pot!"

aaanythiiing of which you dreeeam:

"like honey, oats and lima beans?"

Try fire ants and whipping cream!
because Karo is a Woman's dream!!

I'm sorry, submitter, but it is EXACTLY what we think.
Results of the Karo dimethyltriptamine trials had mixed results...
It's, uh, meant to be repetitive. Like a mantra. Yeah, that's the ticket. A mantra.

"They're a result of an experimental experimentation resulting in an experiment of bad results."

Did the talking pot make anyone else think:
"Look, I've never told anyone this, but I can suck my own dick. And I do it, a lot."

Suck it up girls.
It's time to get out the corn syrup and face the music.
boring, only bearable because of the milf.
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