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Desc:This week, Yahtzee visits Silent Hill
Category:Video Games, Cartoons & Animation
Tags:silent hill, zero punctuation, Yahtzee, games r art
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Comment count is 26
Thundercougarfalconbird - 2008-01-10
"Sheer determined retardation"
also, "and this is the thing."
Aelric - 2008-01-10
i do mourn the loss of silent hill. maybe it'll bounce back somewhere along the line, but i think it's gonna be awhile before that happens.
Monchiles Monchiles - 2008-01-10
God I hope it does. I want Yahtzee to eat his own ass.

FABIO2 - 2008-01-10
I think the series is about due for a major overhaul ala Resident Evil 4.

a flaming monkey - 2008-01-10
I read that Travis' constantly breaking weapons are supposed to represent the prevalence of penile dysfunction amongst truck drivers.
kingarthur - 2008-01-10
I've never played the games, but from all the clips I've seen they all seem incredibly menstrual in a Freudian way.

Lindner - 2008-01-10
That would be part 3 actually... it's intentional and part of the story if you can believe that.

Aelric - 2008-01-11
even more so in 4. the wierd mother thing got stronger at the series went on.

Stog - 2008-01-10
"Charles Dickens joining a forum for Invader Zim fanfiction"
FeeFiFoFoTheFifeFifeBrown - 2008-01-11
I know. He'd be demolished by nerds *not* being paid by the word.

Sucks to be you, Chuck.

Caminante Nocturno - 2008-01-10
Sweet Jesus, the part with the blue balls!
StanleyPain - 2008-01-10
Actually, it's even worse... Climax was only brought in AFTER the game was 80% finished by another American developer who were making it even worse. The footage of the original pre-Climax version can still be found on YouTube. It imitated RE4s combat system, and the graphics and general attention to any Silent Hill-esque detail was terrible. Also, the monsters in all showcased footage were basically variants of zombies or Tyrant rip-offs.
So, if anything good can be said about SH0, it's that it turned out MUCH better than where it was headed.
RockBolt - 2008-01-10
Just semantics, but it was the US division of Climax that started off, then the UK division of Climax that was brought in to salvage something out of it

RandomFerret - 2008-01-10
I gave this game to one of my friends for christmas. Should I apologise?
longwinded - 2008-01-10
long ago i learned to place the mouse cursor over the pause button at the beginning of the video
longwinded - 2008-01-12
Also, "Press X to Nurby Durby Durr"

minimalist - 2008-01-10
theSnake - 2008-01-11
I didn't play the ones he seems to be gushing over, but I think I did SH 3 and SH: the room for a total of 20 minutes. Are 1 and 2 really that good? All I remember is groping around a dark room and trying to kill slithering zombies with a crowbar. Pretty weak, sorry.
StanleyPain - 2008-01-11
1 will seem ancient by todays standards, especially in graphics, but it really is one of the most unnerving survival horror games ever made. It was brilliantly crafted to keep the player only the barest edge of understanding what was going on...just enough to not be so abstract as to lose your attention, but not specific enough to take away it's mystery.

2 had no direct plot connections to 1, but rather used the location for an entirely other story that's a bit less visceral and in-your-face horror as the first one and is more about a slow, dreadful psychological exploration of the main character as he explores the town. I realize that sounds incredibly pretentious and "games are art" faggery, but it's the best way to describe it.

Yellow Lantern - 2008-01-11
What StanleyPain said.

It's hard to capture if you haven't played it, but Silent Hill 2 really does tell one of the best stories in video games (which, as Yahtzee notes, is not much of a bar). One of my favorite aspects of it is that I found all of the alternate endings equally plausible outcomes. Except maybe the one with the dog.

RockBolt - 2008-01-11
Play Silent Hill 2 alone in the dark with headphones and you'll have one of the most visceral, intense, inwardly frightening experiences there is to be had in gaming

SH1 has some equally amazing horror, but the graphics are a decade old and really the story makes absolutely no goddamn sense and is still being argued and debated to this day as to wtf it all means.

goat - 2008-01-11
2 and 1 are the two greatest survival horror games ever made, in that order. 3 was above average and 4 was shit. So if you were underwhelmed by the latter two you should at least give the former two a look.

Also Origins is kind of shit too.

FABIO2 - 2008-01-12
To fully appreciate the first one (and the series as a whole), you have to imagine the entire genre consisting of nothing but insipid Resident Evil sequels and clones for 4 years.

The first game was fresh, had the best first 10 minutes in game history, and kept the momentum up with excellent pacing.

The second had the most brilliant story that was unfortunately wedged inbetween a lot of boring jogging and long stretches of nothing happening.

They are both much better than 3 and 4. 3 was solid but uninspired, 4 was a noble but failed attempt at being original.

snothouse - 2008-01-12
Should have known this would inspire paragraphs and paragraphs.
j lzrd / swift idiot - 2008-02-02
Nurses: Free

Also, just like all the guys writing lots and lots of words above me, I've got to say, Silent Hill 2 was pretty much my favorite game of the genre, ever, and in fact beats the shit out of a lot of other genres as though SH2 was a widowed husband with a rusty pipe like fucking Haggar, and other genres were the ambulatory bottom halves of a pair of mannequins stitched together and animated by demonic powers.

Yes, Yahtzee and present company do make a good point about there being a lot of walking with nothing happening, but if you just make a pact with the game to only play at night, or in a basement, with good speakers or headphones turned up to pick out all 100% of the ambient noise (pronounced as "Ahm-bee-ahnt" in cases like Silent Hill 2 because it sounds more pretentious, which SH2 has the right to be, being the fucking awesome game it is) and atmospheric music, then I GUARANTEE YOU, you will enjoy it.

And, just a tip, don't skimp on the difficulty settings. Go with Normal/Normal for the enemies and the riddles. Yes, the puzzles have a difficulty setting.

God I miss SH2. Now I'm going to have to call the local Gamestops and ask if they've got it somewhere in a used bin.
tamago - 2008-02-15
I still remember being absolutely terrified playing the first Silent Hill. That game fucks with you in unpleasant ways. It didn't need state of the art graphics because it had atmosphere in spades.
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