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Desc:Deeply ghetto Christian Star Trek parody where Kirk and Spock visit the planet Atheist
Category:Religious, Humor
Tags:God, Jesus, star trek, Public Access, christ
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Planet of the Strawmen
Captain Kirk Cameron?




People believe this crap! These people vote! Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck! Their parody also sucks.

Fortunately certain powers that be understand that if these people had their way our economy would collapse.

I was expecting a cheap Dale Earnhardt-lookalike to saunter in, wearing blackface, telling the audience in a thick southern accent about mercury in vaccines and how jewish atheists orchestrated 9/11. Then there would be an awkward punchline and the camera would zoom in on his face, in which there would be a lens flare.

But, alas, that did not happen.
This would have been five stars if that had happened. But as I was watching it, all I could think about was this scene, and how it wouldn't be there.


I like the idea of Black Emperor Carl Sagan.
They didn't make a big deal about it most of the time, but every now and then on Star Trek someone would point out that in the future, humanity has "overcome religion." The aliens often had wacky religious beliefs, but never the humans.

That means that the planet of the atheists...is Earth.

YOU MANIACS! YOU BLEW IT UP! But that's okay, because now God will DAMN YOU! DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!

Overcame money and racism too.

Damn hippie commie atheists.

Syd Midnight
If I was a redshirt ensign on the Enterprise, the first time my life was in danger I'd fall to my knees and pray to Q with all my little heart. Because he'd probably show up and save me, just to annoy the fuck outta Picard.

I thought one of the subtler themes in Star Trek was "If God went around smiting, judging, and playing egotistical practical jokes, that would mean God is an immature, spoiled brat".

GodTube? Really?
They already have a conservative MySpace and Wikipedia (which is really hilarious), so its only a matter of time until they have their own seperate internet.

Reality is inhospitable to their belief system.

The Shat should drop a photon torpedo of pain on their faces for what they've done to Kirk.

It really makes my skin crawl when they use the, "We have logic on OUR side because god said so!" argument. This whole video is just a 5 minute presentation of why I hate religion. And yet there are people chuckling out there and saying, "Oh, they're so right! Praise Jesus!" How do you reach that conclusion??????
Video doesn't seem to want to play right now, audio only. I'll take it as a sign that there is a god afterall.
Yellow Lantern
I had to refresh it 2 or 3 times before it would play the video and audio properly. You're not missing much without the picture, though.

Because this is clearly what Gene Roddenberry had in mind...

I'm not sure how to rate it since i could only watch 45 seconds or so.

andru strange
acting! thank you, kthor.
Worst. episode. ever.
worst. comment. ever

5 stars alone for there being a 'Godtube'.

I love the bit about 'survival of the fittest' (which involves lots of slapping) and the bit about 'moral relativity' (which involves punching). And the eternal strawman about monkeys.
So ... One of the points this ... "show" makes is, that christians would just run around punching other people if there was no god. Isn't that nice.

Have to give only two stars, because this is genuinely painful to watch. Not least because there are a lot of people who think like this.
Carl Sagan: "Doesn't matter if it's scientific, that's what we believe"

Conservative Christian Kirk: "We believe all men are created equal." ... aren't these the guys against gay marriage?

This hurts. So much.
-1 because Spock shouldn't look like T.V.'s Frank with bigger eyebrows. That's just creepy.

Five stars for making me think "Push the button Spock".
the video's OK, but wouldn't Vulcan be the ultimate planet of Atheists, since logic demands proof and proof denies belief and without belief there's no religion? Wow, I just used a Hitchhiker's Guide reference to say something on the internet about a stupid Christian Star Trek fan video. I think that's a Geek Hat Trick, I'm going to bed because I can't accomplish anything greater today, also I've been up for 20 hours.

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