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Desc:J.D. and Kim wonder if they should abort their baby, Jesus gives his opinion. Youtube holy war.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Religious
Tags:Jesus, Abortion, scrubs, zach braff, pro-life savior
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Comment count is 13
Actually, kinda surprising they didn't take the South Park safe-answer-everything-in-moderation way out.

Kudos for actually picking a side.
I think they just left it at "Jesus is against abortions". I can't think of a MORE safe, satisfy both sides stance.

Also this wasn't very funny.

Yeah, this one was kind of lazy.

Innocent Bystander
How do you elaborate from "Jesus is against abortions"?

It satisfies the pro life side because it reflects many of their members' belief, and it satisfies the pro choice side because they like to paint the opposition as jesus freaks.

It's not so much "elaborate on" as "spotting the obvious".

A Scrubs clip that isn't funny? WHAT PARALLEL UNIVERSE AM I ON?
maybe you're in one of JD's fantasies?

William Burns
Funnier that usual.
I thought the clip was funny enough to submit, but I'm more interested in the Youtube flame war. It's like any clip with 'abortion' in the title or description is a call to arms.

I don't understand this show or why people like it.
Zach Braff once asked me if he could borrow my hot sauce at a diner once. That's my Zach Braff story.
I always got the impression the creators were fans of Parker Louis Cant Lose, but thought the jokes were too subtle and that it needed more morality tales.

Rodents of Unusual Size
I am shrugging right alongside you.

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