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Desc:James Williams doing tameshigiri
Category:Military, Pets & Animals
Tags:katana, tameshigiri, way harder than it looks
Submitted:Doctor Arcane
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Comment count is 20
kingarthur - 2008-01-13
He looks like he's giving a demonstration in the home decor section of a JC Penny. Also, killing that tatami mat before it knows it's dead.
gmol - 2008-01-13
Glint at 0:12 - 0:13 is priceless....
glendower - 2008-01-13
Yeah, but can he polish his sword in a menacing way like Demonius?
rroach - 2008-01-13
The second to last cut, where it's cut but stays standing, you can almost see the smug look of satisfaction on his stupid Weeaboo face I CAN DO THAT TOO!!!!@!!!
EvilHomer - 2008-01-13
Hey theFlu, I think we found your new Baroness!
theFlu - 2008-01-13

Killer Joe - 2008-01-13
"Yeah, now do it the hard way... oh. Nice."
theFlu - 2008-01-13
ok, I have to comment on this guy's lack of style - but I'll try to keep it short:
He's got the drive - possibly of a warrior - but his skill is clouded by the desire to be something he's not: a samurai. You can see it in his slow, choreographed reactions... which are easily foreseen, and just as easily defeated. He's merely a "warrior by the book" - (that 'book' is most likely a manga.)

I hate to discuss my finer points, as it sounds as though I'm boasting, but I truly feel - as a real warrior, sword smith, artist, poet, and defender of the forest (seriously) - that I must comment:

There was once a team of 3 kids from the city in the part of the forest where I keep my art [shrines]. They all had 'House of Knives' brand kitanas, and were hacking apart my art and a slew of pine saplings...
I emerged furious from the thicket with my custom sword - perfectly balanced, flawlessly designed, sharper than anything those kids could afford, and covered in sinister war-runes - shining hazy-red against the afternoons sun.
I challenged all three to a bloodless duel. If I lost, I'd give them a cougar skull from my most prized shrine - the Cougar Shrine; but, if they lost, they must "fuck off" and "never return ... lest their skulls are added to my shrine."

They came at me using the whitest, most useless anime-themed sword techniques: each of which I easily deflected; the hooked tip of my handmade, custom sword ripping their pathetic blades from their hands; my vampiric sigils, thirsting for blood-essence, parried their feeble stabs; whilst their acid-etched japanese dragons made me laugh out loud.
I sliced one kids hand - though ever slightly - and no sooner did the blood tap the ground, they were out. Like cowards they turned tail and fled, claiming they would be calling the cops.

(but the jokes on them: I've had the cops called on me lots, but they can never track me; not while I am in the forest).

Like the man in this video, they had visually pleasing skills, but they lacked the soul of a warrior. I, however, imbued my very essence into my blade, and had the power of a Cougar Shrine to bolster my already savage and noble might.
Rodents of Unusual Size - 2008-01-13
Oh, settle down princess. We're still paying attention to you, too. Why don't you get your tea set out and play with your poodle and forget about it.

kingarthur - 2008-01-13
You really are Demonius X.

Doctor Arcane - 2008-01-13
Why dont you post some video of you doing tameshigri/test cutting then?

nocash - 2008-01-13
You just copied and pasted that off of some martial arts message board, right?

theFlu - 2008-01-14
If I had a webcam - [way of letting people watch me masturbate] - I seriously would post a video of my fucking incredible sword skills, because this guy has none

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2008-01-14
The Flu - by all means, do so. We eagerly await the results.


ZawBanjito - 2008-01-14
Dear sweet epic! You people likes shitting on the doorstep of others but when theFlu brings it to your house you put yer dam bloomers on and dance on a chair calling for Thomas.

Doctor Arcane - 2008-01-14
I am extremely tempted to buy you a web-cam, but I'm afraid you're just a tease.

andru strange - 2008-01-15
damn, ryker. you hella fast.
Squeamish - 2008-01-21
So how do the pets and animals come into play?
Caminante Nocturno - 2008-03-25
Pie Boy - 2008-07-22




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