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Desc:You can't say 'shit' on children's television!
Category:Humor, Horror
Tags:horror, outtakes, zoobilee zoo
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Comment count is 11
There was a lot of drag on this show. What were these animals trying to prove?
Between this and the Disney afternoon, is it any surprise there are so many furries in their twenties? I mean, that doesn't make it any better, but you know.
Uncle Fister
With a cutie like Stevie Valance (http://www.stevievallance.com) playing Wazzat on this show, is it any wonder why I ended up a furry?

Rodents of Unusual Size
I suddenly have an urge to work in children's television.
I don't recall the show disturbing me this much as a child.
+5 for fart at 2:13
I need to go see these people out of costume just to be completely certain that this wasn't filmed in a furry alternate dimension.
I looked up their headshots after seeing this, and except for the kangaroo girl, they are a bizzare looking crew.

This would probably be better if I'd ever actually seen the show, but it's still pretty awesome.
Boring. Also this show disturbed the hell out of me even as a kid.
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