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Desc:I would hate to be Adam Baldwin's testicles in this scene (a good follow-up to Fruity Oaty Bar)
Category:Classic Movies
Tags:Firefly, Serenity, summer glau, adam baldwin, joss whedon
Submitted:Jimmy Labatt
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Comment count is 34
Nowhere near a classic. At best, an entertaining B-Series, if you manage to ignore all the clichés.

Uh, it's a Western in Space. Those aren't cliches, those are called "genre tropes."


And it's not just a Western in Space, it's a Revisionist Western in Space.
The show is extremely well-written and highly original in its execution. So you're wrong.

Yeah it was a pretty cool show

a flaming monkey
'Show'? ...This is a clip from the feature film right? Is there a series as well?
I couldn't even watch Serenity all in one sitting. I found it to be a mish-mash of crap that can be called clichés - matrix style martial arts, zombies, mysterious heroine, upper level conspiracies...That's why I didn't like it so much.
Just my opinion.


The movie is probably not as interesting if you were not a fan of the show, that's true. But then you don't watch Fire Walk With Me without knowing what Twin Peaks is do you?

Yeah I don't know I could never really get into this that much. Also, just because you use trope, a cool industry word for cliches within a genre, doesn't mean these things are suddenly not cliched.

wtf, since when is "trope" an industry term? have you read a book before? because I assure you, 98% of people in "the industry" haven't.

and yeah, this movie didn't do this show justice.

Its not from the series but the movie (which was pretty good). And try rating based on the clip instead of snobbing.
Jimmy Labatt
I am aware that it's not from the series, but I put the Firefly tag in because it's kind of related, you know?

To Mouser:

"Classic Movies" is the only category that was in the drop-down menu. You would actually know this if you oh-I-don't-know SUBMITTED SOMETHING and actually contributed to the site.
Jimmy Labatt
Oops, sorry Whiskey didn't know that was a response to mouser

FYI, I did make plenty submissions in the past but gave up on the hopper. I contribute with inane comments. At least, I have that possibility.

Also... Wait... wasn't Firefly the series and Serenity the movie or the other way around? I saw the movie. Couldn't care less about the serie.

Jimmy Labatt
You had it right the first time; Firefly was the series and Serenity was the movie (I also admit that I have not seen the series; but I thought that the movie was a great little piece of scifi).

Jimmy Labatt
Also, pertaining to this particular scene: the only weak link coreography-wise was the "kick-the-bottle-onto-the-dude's-head" thing.

I mean really; a tap on the head is going to incapacitate Vin Diezel's stunt-double? HARDLY my friends, hardly.

I recently watched the entire firefly series and the movie on the same day. The series was good enough to warrant such a time commitment. The movie wasn't. maybe it was because I saw them all at once, but the movie was typical sci-fi fare where the series was original and interesting. I'll gladly defend the show, but the movie I'd rather forget.

Regardless of what they saw first, movie or series, most people I know found it hard to adjust from one to the other. I'm the same way: watched the series first, then the movie, and I like the series best.

I repeatedly had an opportunity to watch Firefly when it originally aired but decided not to. Several years later, I saw every episode, and deeply regret the fact that I was apart of it's canceling.

Five stars of shame.
I tried to watch it when it was on, and it wasn't possible to appreciate the show becuase of the way Fox was messing with the schedule.

It wasn't until the DVDs came out that the quality of the show became evident.

You're free of shame.

Thanks, you're like the Jesus of PoeTV. We just need to kill you and then I can be your prophet.

If it makes you feel better, I share the same regret.

Skipped the TV series but enjoyed the movie, this was a good scene.
I say sequel. One star for the possibility and four others for revisionist Western in space.
Hugo Gorilla
And this is what triggered it.

And why is it every time we have a clip from a science-fiction show someone has to shit on it? It it some sort of nerd denial reflex?
Yes, it is.

Doctor Arcane
Yeah I couldn't deal with this show for a long time, because BSG seemed so much more awesome. But after I ran out of BSG to watch, I noted that it was actually not that bad.

And I want to do naughty things to Kaylee.
If that's the mechanic, oh my god...I'd have babies with her.

All the female characters in firefly are babes.
Except for maybe River. Unless you are into the crazy thing.

Five stars for Firefly. Death to the haters.

-1 star for the lame ass Firefly movie. Wah wah they're not pirates they're heeeeeroes waaaaaah. Reavers aren't cool they're just iroooooonic waaaaaah. Forget the guys in suits let's just have a chubby black guy say some poetry, that's always scary bluuuuurghururugh.

I'd almost take off another one for the "quiet character turns out to be good at kung fu" cliche, which I believe they've recently found depicted on prehistoric cave art in France. But I suppose we're dealing with "tropes" today so fugg it.
I agree about the reavers - killing the mystery hurt a little. I also wish Joss would give the tiny-girl-w/superpowers-how-ironic-right? thing a rest, but he's embraced it as his signature so I'm not holding my breath. Especially not with Dollhouse coming out.

Otherwise, I don't fault him for the relatively weak movie (relative to the show, that is; I can count the decent sci-fi movies of the last 5 years on one hand, and this is absolutely one of them). Dealing with the transition from small to big screens while simultaneously trying to keep it fun for loyal Browncoats and newcomers alike has to be damn impossible. Throw in the fact that he made a canceled TV show into a movie and you have to respect the results.


No, the movie was not as good as the show. I think we can all agree with that.

Ahriman the Creepy Lurker
This is a hot space ninja chick kicking ass in a space bar. IN SPACE. You cannot both hate this clip and possess functioning testicles.
I was kinda hoping this would be the "Am I talking to Miranda now?" clip, but whatever.
Pie Boy
She can kill you with her brain.
j lzrd / swift idiot
I liked the series but wish I could have watched all of it. I'm probably also part of the reason it was shitcanned.

The movie was tolerable.
Klatu veratta nikto
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