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ztc - 2008-01-23

The first six seconds are COMPLETELY WASTED. Stupid amateur Youtube editors.

zatojones - 2008-01-23

Mentioning this scene never failed to crack my fellow ten year old friend up

Cube - 2008-01-23

I laughed so hard at this as a kid. It was quoted every now an then for a long, long time after my family saw this.

I have to say, it doesn't have the full impact when cut out from the movie.

EvilHomer - 2008-01-23

Now all we need is some footage of Yvette running down the stairs and we're set.

Maxville - 2008-01-25

That's Jane Wiedlin from the Go-Go's.

dementomstie - 2008-04-03

Great, now that tune is going to be stuck in my head all day.

Syd Midnight - 2008-08-08

Clue is one of those movies that tried to be cult hit, failed miserably, then ended up turning into a cult hit anyway.

Mayberry Pancakes - 2008-12-25

This was my favorite movie as a kid.

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