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Desc:Despite this, neither boy ever avenges him or stops crying.
Category:Military, Classic Movies
Tags:cry, Soviet Union, Dad, Red Dawn, ACTING!
Submitted:Caminante Nocturno
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What gutwrenching heartache chainlink fences bring...
Jeff Fries

The most heart-breaking documentary ever
The biggest tragedy is that the Russians have yet to pay us the reparations they owe from this war.

When will the liberals learn? Ivan will never repay us. He'll just keep hiding behind "the UN" and "international law" and "verifiable history". If we want what's our due, we're going to have to take it from him... in blood!

That said, writing off Red Dawn as nothing more than anti-Communist propganda is a bit like writing off Maus as nothing more than anti-Nazi propoganda.

Yeah, it's weird how many people don't remember this ever happening, or the Australian-American war. I still get nightmares about those boomerang-chucking koala bears.

Syd Midnight
This was such a well-timed piece of propaganda.. it really got me hating the Evil Russians back then. How embarrassing.
This (awesome) movie aside, there were plenty of reasons not to like the Soviet Union

America is a whorehouse, where the revolutionary ideals of your forefathers are corrupted and sold in alleys by vendors of capitalism.
Things were really bad for Bud after the repo yard closed down.
p.s.: this really, really, needs the ACTING! tag.

Quick poll: who wanted to shoot themselves some Ruskies after watching this the first time?
It had me watching the skies for paratrooping Russians for years afterwards.

more action here than the whole of Paris Texas.
This scene cements the case that Harry Dean Stanton is the best actor of all time.
Thanks for the spoilers, Nocturno!
Rodents of Unusual Size
I have never seen this movie and it lives up to the hype.
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