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Desc:Children of God teens sing for their leader David Berg
Category:Religious, Horror
Tags:cult, children of god
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Comment count is 8
rulestein - 2008-02-02
You want to be with young girls? Create a religion/cult that accepts such behavior. It worked for the Muslims and the Mormons, so why not David Berg?
svraz - 2008-02-02
I am no religious scholar but I think its unfair to single out just those religions. I think most religions accept this type of nasty behaviour as it was the norm when they were created.

ZawBanjito - 2008-02-02
How does that make it three stars? Jealous you didn't think of it yourself?

Stopheles - 2008-02-02
Creepy as hell.
svraz - 2008-02-02
Oops the fourth clip is a mistake. Nothing there.
NoCode - 2008-02-02
Female Children of God not permitted to have sleeves!!

Not very modest, are they? Is this that creepy Flirty Fishy cult?
Sean Robinson - 2008-02-03
Yes, it is. Also the cult in which River Phoenix, who claimed that he lost his virginity at the age of four, was raised. He said that "they're ruining people's lives."

NoCode - 2008-02-02
Also this clip reminds me of all the creepy cult-like worship-singing scenes in The Trial of Billy Jack (which is pretty much the entire three hours of the film).
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