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Desc:The trailer for the most epic RPG of 2008
Category:Video Games, Trailers
Tags:RPG, charles barkley, Shut up and Jam: Gaiden, RPG Maker 2000, neo-shekels
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Comment count is 21
glasseye - 2008-01-29
Needs the "misplaced apostrophe" tag.
yeahjim - 2008-01-29
your retarded

IrishWhiskey - 2008-01-29
I tried the demo, and it was a surprising fun game to play. Not just a one-note joke.
yeahjim - 2008-01-29
Ditto. Smart and sardonic. And incredibly silly. And free!

NineEleven - 2008-01-29
kingarthur - 2008-01-29
Five stars for ecto-cooler alone.
Udderdude - 2008-01-29
Caminante Nocturno - 2008-01-29
If this had come out fifteen years ago as a serious game, nobody would have been the wiser.
Cleaner82 - 2009-02-18
I played and enjoyed Shaq Fu. If there is a skeleton in my closet, it is that.

Hodge - 2008-01-29
Someone please explain to me why everyone is giving this joke that went WAY too far a five.
IrishWhiskey - 2008-01-30
Because its not just one joke, but a pretty complete and well done send-up of 90s licensed games and RPGs. Even if you don't like the game, the video is funny enough to warrant it.

Also, not getting that didn't seem to keep you from giving it a two.

gmol - 2008-01-29
gmol - 2008-01-29

RomancingTrain - 2008-01-30
If you can't slam with the best, jam with the rest."
Aubrey McFate - 2008-01-31
Not only is this hilarious, battles are a lot of fun.

Play it just for the beardy diatribes your save point spouts every time you use it.
ihounokyaku - 2008-02-03
RandomFerret - 2008-02-10
The full game is out now!


I'm ten hours into it and it's great.
RandomFerret - 2008-02-10
Also, why does everybody keep saying this is RPG Maker? It's not. RPG Maker can't do half the stuff their custom engine can.

Cleaner82 - 2009-02-18
Hi, I couldn't help but notice the word 'gaiden' in there.
azazel - 2009-07-23
this wasn't already here?
WHO WANTS DESSERT - 2011-02-28
This is the greatest freeware RPG I've ever played.
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