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Desc:the force in general is pulling the wool over a lot of peoples eyes...
Category:Religious, Humor
Tags:Star Wars, Kirk Cameron, Beardo, demons flying around, uplifting
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Comment count is 9
There are also people who believe that there are "powers of demons".

Also: "You look like an anorexic George Lucas"
The Left Behind movies were documentaries, and the events were filmed in real time.

"We aren't judging. We have a positive message, and its that you all are going to Hell."

You don't think there are Jedi Masters in heaven? Alec Guinness' widow would like a word with you, sir.
Innocent Bystander
Interestingly Alec Guinness hated his role in the Star Wars movies and considered them his worst acting work ever. But of course they're the only ones that he's remembered by.

Excellent trolling, Jew.
Well a case can be made for Phantom Menace AM I RIGHT PEOPLE

their own pe-rill
John Holmes Motherfucker
In the Nerd hierarchy, Star Wars Nerds are cooler than Jesus Nerds.
This could have been interesting if not for the "co-host" who offers up his "commentary" on the leaflet the guy is giving out.

"Look, we have R2-Demon 2. Huh. That's ... well ... look, it's dumb. Huh huh. It's so dumb. I mean. Duh. Comedy gold, right there. Huh. I mean, look at how stupid it is."

Yeah, thanks for that collection of scathing witticisms. Go back, to your regularly scheduled fratboy douchebaggery now. Thanks.
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