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Desc:Chimps play counting/memorization game vs. college students.
Category:Science & Technology, Pets & Animals
Tags:science, BBC, chimps, shimpanzee
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Comment count is 11
Cool study, but wait until we unleash our idiot savants on the chimps -- that'll put them in their place!
"Are you smarter than a shimpanzee ?"
Bad methodology. The college students weren't getting treats

Also needs "shimpanzee" tag


Okay. They can memorize where numbers are. Intelligence has nothing to do with location memory. Not to say they aren't clever, but we have general relativity, punks.

On the one hand, yes; on the other hand, there has been some work correlating pretty strongly what we would intuitively call "intelligence," by at least some metrics, to the number of things we can keep in working memory at the time ("things" here having a more precise, measurable definition). So, yes, we seem to be better at abstract, conscious, symbolic processing; but, on the other hand, it's not like the human brain is imbued with something divine and qualitatively different from a chimpanzee brain, and, at the end of the day, that shit's pretty wack.

Also, general relativity is a myth. You must mean "Jesus." We know Jesus. Which means we are truly intelligent.

Oh yeah, well let's see that smart-ass chimp pound a forty as fast I can!
you would not, could not win that contest.

agreed..remember that redneck 'rangotan Clyde?

God DAMN it. Uhhh, well, I bet he can't... fuck you, chimp!

At least we've still got Chuck Heston on our side.

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