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Desc:Ultimate Destruction Round
Category:Classic TV Clips, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:mythbusters, cement, short and sweet, mixer truck, 800 lbs of commercial blasting agent
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Comment count is 16
I like how the truck just disappears suddenly.
Syd Midnight
Afterwords, I believe they found a single wheel and axle buried in the ground. The rest of it was GONE.

And don't forget, the truck had a full load of hardened concrete in it!

If David Copperfield made things disappear like this, I might pay more attention to his shows.

"And now, ladies and gentlemen, I will make this Space Shuttle disappear ... BY BLOWING IT THE FUCK UP!"

Syd Midnight
IIRC, when they asked the FBI expert if he was going to watch it with them, he said "Hell no" and moved a few more miles away.
Anonymous strikes again.
Five for this.

Mother Lumper
That sounded like the most powerful fart ever.

"...Three...two...one..." PFFFFFT!

Truck go boom.
Face it: this show's only real payoff is the explosions.
Unless you're somewhere on the autism spectrum.
Sign me up for autism camp then. I love the playfulness of this show.

Zhou Fang
Also: Kari Byron

Kari ftw.

Actually I stopped watching this show so much when I realized that none, if any, of their experiments are actual true experiments.

Well the concrete and the truck are now in fact molecularly separate, experiment successful!
this begs for some ventrilo harassment action
If "800 lbs of commercial blasting agent" ever became an active tag, I would die happy.
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