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Desc:Tory Christman speaks about her experiences inside Scientology shortly after leaving.
Category:Religious, Educational
Tags:Scientology, cult, xenutv
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Comment count is 8
Excellent. If you want to read her accounts of a day in the life of a Scientologist and what it's like to reach OT7, you can find that here:

It is extremely informative and if your town has been invaded by Scientologists since a natural disaster leveled it like mine has, it is definitely worth reading.
What are your crimes, bigot?

It's almost like she is half heartedly defending Hubbard at the end. I feel so sorry for these sad bastards.
Well, she had just gotten out. It had been her world for a long time.

Here she is five years later:

I've learned a lot over the last couple of weeks. I used to dismiss Scientology as just another 'alternative' that happened to be about alien ghosts. But the more I've read about the Office of Special Affairs, the various 'Operations' conducted over the years, and the numerous deaths, the more I've realized that Scientology is serious business. It's a dangerous cult backed by a godawful lot of money, and it destroys relationships by turning loved ones into babbling, disconnected zombies. It must be stopped.
Oh, dude, name one religion that doesn't do this shit or hasn't done this shit at some point in its past (and when I say past, I don't think you need to go further back than your granpappy.) You want to avoid lies and secrets and suspicious money flows and bodies no one can explain, stay out of organized religion. Scientology IS just an alternative with alien ghosts.

dont worry teh party van will pwn 4 some lulz


Yes, freaky Scientology stuff, my day is complete.
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