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Desc:Luigi, what in God's name are you doing?
Category:Video Games
Tags:Smash Brothers Brawl, Final Smash, za warudo
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Falconnnnnn HITANDRUN
-1 for all the extremely similar moves
-1 for lazy clone characters having the same FS
-1 for the underpowered ones
-1 for the overpowered ones

+8 for Luigi
Caminante Nocturno
I don't know why, but I found the fact that Snake reloaded during his attack to be hilarious.
They're neat and all, it's not we ever play with items anyway though.
Cinnamon Imperialist
Yeah, the "No items, Fox only, Final Destination" crowd must be having an heart attack.

Although I appreciate that the final smashes are seamless and not cutscenes.

The game will never be as balanced (or even non-random) as say, Street Fighter 3rd strike. But it's still fun to play/watch.

luigi is my favorite in the game. he does his punches not unlike in a way he did his jumps in super mario bros 2 and it's all kind of like girly slaps. he's also portrayed as scared of just about everything in the story mode.
Dummy Rum
Makes sense. The ghosts in Luigi's Mansion didn't even hurt you - you got a game over for being too scared!

Hilariously imbalanced, but I guess that's the point. No one uses items anyway.
Wow, they're really scraping the bottom of the barrell for characters here. The dude from Ice Climber? Game & Watch!? Come on.
You're about seven years too late to complain about that. They were in the last game, too.

Someone is apparently doing their damnedest to ensure that no one ever plays Donkey Kong in this version. Even Peach's YOU SLEEP NOW has more apparent use.

-1 for adding fucking STAR WOLF to the roster.
Peach's FS is insanely useful on stages that move or have a of dangerous hazards. There's a much better video on youtube that shows every final smash in the context of an actual match, and it's a lot better for giving you an idea of the relative usefulness of each one. Peach picks up three KOs on Mushroomy Kingdom with hers -- not bad.

And yeah, adding Star Wolf was a travesty, as far as video game design goes. The star fox characters are the goddamn Ryu, Ken, and Akuma of Smash Bros: overpowered and dull. They should have put Ridley in instead.

Caminante Nocturno
Hell yes, I'd buy a Wii if for Ridley.

I agree with Knuckles, and add that,

Donkey Kong's Final Smash goes from either uber to useless, depending on how you time the bongo hits. Thats why in some videos its great, and others weak.

I noticed the variation. Still, that leaves you with a stationary special attack for a character that I've never seen anyone play and WHY AM I TALKING ABOUT THIS.

I was a little depressed when I saw the final roster with no Ridley. Hell, I would have settled for Mini-Kraid.

Maggot Brain
Some how they found a way to make Luigi cool. Fox's thing would had been awesome if he was the only one who did it. Wolf doesn't even have a tank!
Boring, maybe they could, I don't know, put something original in their games?
Its a fighting game in which Luigi can kill Ganondorf with a psychedelic flower dance, and Solid Snake fires grenade rounds at Sonic.

There's not really anything else out there like it.

Three stars for luigi and for the beardiest thread I've ever seen on one of the lamest videos.
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