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Desc:"William Franklin... was a dick." Re-enactments featuring Jack Black.
Category:Educational, Humor
Tags:Jack Black, ben franklin, derek waters, drunk history, puke breaks
Submitted:bang to buck ratio
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Comment count is 11
Jack Black makes for a fantastic B-Franks.
Syd Midnight
This was my favorite.
LIES! Of course Franklin was crazy enough to do it himself. Also, that's shitty form with the toilet, you need to get closer to avoid spraying your friend's bathroom down.

Despite this, I really like Jack Black Franklin, and the fact that this historical hypothesis is consistent with his son becoming a dirty loyalist.
The biggest mystery yet: why doesn't Eric Falconer get on his knees when he pukes like the rest of us?

Kneeling while disgorging means you've given in, and you know your night's about to get a whole lot worse. But if you stand, you have the illusion that you're retaining your dignity, and you're simply getting rid of excess booze to rectify a problem.

These five stars are specifically for the waterfall of chunder, and then RIGHT BACK to the Stoli Cran.

Syd Midnight
And it's not unusual to have intimacy issues with strangers toilets, at least for the first few rounds. He was still at "make room for more party", not "hug the bowl and pray".

-1 for not being anywhere near as hilarious as 2.5.

+a million for uh.........
Am I seriously the only one who thinks the first one is a million times better? This guy can't even pretend to be accurate
asian hick
The entire "Franklin was fucking nuts as this point" scene is genius acting.
Yeah, I'm on the not as good as the first one train. CHOO CHOO
j lzrd / swift idiot
Jack Black as Franklin.

Best writing ever~!
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