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Desc:Just like it says on the tin. Unlike the Nanny video, this is actually me.
Category:Pets & Animals
Tags:baby, Kthor, laughing, ticklish, gaze upon my spawn and despair for he shall rule
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Comment count is 15
That child is obviously screaming in terror. How could you you monster.
Mayberry Pancakes
Look at that kid! He's just staring. He knows, man. He knows.

Babies. I don't know man. babies.
Pfft, all we'd have to do to defeat your might spawn is build a robot with 5 o'clock shadow.
And here I thought that that green room would be too much for him to stand being in...

now we all know what sex with K. Thor sounds like.
Not shown: Tagging the baby's ass, releasing it back into the wild

God damn it. Here I am waiting for my sister to call me and tell me she's finally in labor and you already have a kid to OM NOM NOM all over.

Also, is that a teddy bear on his diaper, or did you actually scare the piss out of him while you were attacking him?
Monchiles Monchiles
I'm giving these five stars on the condition that some day that child grows up to create more Amber Forever.
My son peed in my ear doing this.
Aren't you supposed to go "PBHHT" or something?
j lzrd / swift idiot
Dude, your kid knows that you're trying but failing to eat him. Right around thirty seconds, when he goes from laughing at your canabalistic ineptitude to the realization that "Wow, he really has no idea how to consume my delicious babymeats," it's just hilarious! I swear dude, he's gonna be a terror now that he knows even his own father can't eat him whole. Next thing you know, he'll be two years old and like, "The only reason I'm alive is because of your biological attachment to me! GO FETCH ME APPLEJUICE, and while you're at it, play me that silly video of you on that ridiculous 90's love show! Oh yeah, and I want a puppy!"
He has a puppy already.

some dude eats baby pussy for two minutes, can't even get the baby off

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