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Desc:It's ok now.
Category:Science & Technology, Crime
Tags:Gun, knife, murder is likely
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Comment count is 21
Caminante Nocturno
Now you too can live the life of a Lupin III villain!
Cool they hid a shitty gun in a shitty knife!
lol yeah i bet you could only even kill like six people with that thing

Where exactly are the bullets coming out?
that's some quality deer hunting technology
The Great Hippo
Yeah, the deer's totally like: "Oh, haha, man this guy's only got a knife, we can take hi--HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT FRANK JUST GOT SHOT WHAT THE FUCK"

wtf japan
Yes, I'm sure knifegun is accurate enough to fell a deer from the distance required to remain unnoticed. Bring one of those babies to the camp and you'll be elected hunting captain for sure!

I'd rather have a gun that shoots knives...

don't worry roachbud, i got your joke

Dinky Patterson
Did anyone ever pull a knife on you when you were bouncing?

wait, roachbud can bounce? did he drink the gummi juice?

actually, i get it too, roach. bravo.

Counting down the days until a beardo puts one on a broadsword.
Why the hell is he standing so far back from the firing line? That's just plain dangerous.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Warriors come out and playaaaa!

Warriors come out and PLAAYYAAAAAAA!

It's a real live Blooey Knife!
Aubrey McFate
Squall's just starting out, I see.
The cops will never figure out that this dangerous weapon is actually a firearm.
Countdown to the California legislative body holding an emergency session to ban this assault weapon begins now.

(Actually, it's already banned, the knife blade is too long.)

Cinnamon Imperialist
Cellphone gun was cooler.
I will forever remember this as the video in which Roachbud proved to subtle for the rest of you.
requires the skill Shooting: Knife
I totally want one.
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