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Desc:It's like talking to Dan Brown about how to write.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Crime
Tags:cooking, Oh god no, sandra lee, food network
Submitted:Rodents of Unusual Size
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Rodents of Unusual Size
Had some trouble submitting the extra parts. Here are the URL's.



What a monster. Ugh.
uhh....I guess if you're a foodie.
What?! If you are a 'foodie' this would be the Great Satan/The Goat Cheese With a Thousand Croutons.

Unless you mean like the unintentional humor of watching a grown woman mash food together like a two year old and call it cuisine.

She got big jugs.

Also for a cooking show host she sure hates cooking.
Sudan no1
it's only evil if you're familiar with her terrible recipes

old thread:

new thread:
Hey, I've got a recipe: mac&cheese and ketchup, where is my show?
I couldn't make it to the end.
When I saw the title I thought I was going to see some boobs. But she never "unwrapped."

Frank Rizzo
she has a weird jawline
I think it angers me more that she attended a cooking school, then prompty discarded what she was taught as 'rubbish'.

If there is a Dark Side of the food, this bitch fell to it years ago.
+10 stars for being the anti-christ of cooking
-5 stars for not including any of her awful recipes
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