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Desc:Meet William Windsor, a 60 year old guy who dresses like a two-year old girl
Category:Horror, Educational
Tags:news, adult baby, desires
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Comment count is 12
Adham Nu'man
Sure, the words adult & babies yields millions of results, but the phrase "adult babies" only yields 306,000. Sensationalistic fags.
That "therapist" sure sound like she'd like to change his diapers.

-1 for the overall lameness of the interview.
I would hate to be this guy's son
Rodents of Unusual Size
This guy was on poe news a year ago, I think.

"How many of us can say we celebrate who we are?"

This woman has watched "A Dirty Shame" too many times.

Dinky Patterson
He's a bouncing baby girl. At least you'd sort of have the bouncing thing in common.

no, he's the kind of freak show that wouldn't get into my bar

The bouncer jokes just came back in style.

Midnight Man
If I inherited 1 million bucks I'd probably stop caring what the little people think of me, too

He's really sort of asking to be held for ransom in the boldest way possible.

My first reaction was horror and shame. How the hell could it have been anything else?
+1 for the slow motion power walk at the end of part 1

I would like to know what kind of baby torture leads to this kind of fashion statement.
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