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Desc:The irony is that the story was about violent crime.
Tags:news, blooper
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Comment count is 19
I giggle every time i see things like this.
Rodents of Unusual Size
I vote this as one of my all time favorite quotes from POETV

There's no proof she was being violent, plus that guy was being a major douche
Magical Man from Happy-Land
What is a cruaahhh?
"I don't bother you at work."

I don't work in the street...
He put something on the back of her head. Judging by her (delayed) reaction, I'd guess an ice cube?
Frank Rizzo

no, people pull that shit all the time, one of my old roommates interned at WJLA in DC and had to be a bouncer for on the street shots like this

Re... really?

Rodents of Unusual Size
They need them...people who gape and act like they've never seen a camera before do exist. Not everyone can control their animalistic urges.

Midnight Man
Street Bouncer II Turbo

Sudan no1
if you're going to fake something like this at least make it interesting.
Jeff Fries
It's not fake, we're just lucky that everything occurred on camera, on beat, and within mic range.

Indeed, Jeff.
Almost as though they had a team of media professionals standing by...

Hardly anything even occurred on camera anyway... where does this excessive skepticism come from?

Caminante Nocturno
Oh, you're so cynical!
Banal Intercourse
I don't care if it's fake. "Violent CRAAAAWWWW" had me giggling for five minutes.
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