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Desc:Gets ugly fast.
Category:Sports, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:fight, football, parents, brawl
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Comment count is 48
This pretty much sums up Middle America in 40 seconds.
Except this was in California:
http://www.cnn.com/interactive/us/0506/gallery.bad.sports/cont ent.1.4.html

Cretins are ubiquitous, even in the "blue" states. In several California counties, Bush got 75% of the vote.

If you want to be chauvinistic about where you hang your hat, first make sure the vast majority of your county didn't vote for Bush:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:2004_US_elections_purple_co unties.png

Otherwise, you might actually be a little blue dot in a sea of Jesus' blood, yourself!

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
This happened in Pico Rivera which is basically a white/brown/black trash neighborhood.

Obviously he meant Middle America, as in between Mexico and Canada.

Middle America is where cowboy hobbits live.

Billy Buttsex
Middle America my ass. Those're some fuckin' cholos in there, so keep yer goddamned mouth shut, America hater.

Good parenting getting 5 years for felony assault at your kids football game.

Sean Robinson
Nerds on the internet can't tell baseball from football.
Dinky Patterson

It's too bad it wasn't a baseball game because a few bats would've made the brawl much more interesting.

shit, I wasn't even looking at the game and just copied the title...

And yet another year goes by without a single dollar going to fund music and art classes. All to save money for the more important extracurricular activites- like watching your dad's spleen rupture on astroturf.

Clearly you've never been hit with a trombone.

I could have swore I saw some dude in a football uniform in there.

I'm sorry, but AS SOON AS THE VIDEO ZOOMS OUT AT THE BEGINNING, you can see an entire football team lined up in the back. WTF, Sean Robinson?

No, I originally posted the video as Little League Parents Brawl, as I was too entranced with the melee to even look at the team.

How proud the children must be.

(I'd seriously like to know how this started, though.)
My guess is the guy in the blue that's getting his head kicked in did something bad? I too would like to see how this drama unfolded, as that's often the most interesting part.

Thatcher Pennywhistle
It's the cherry on the sundae.

William Batty
yer gunna be okay hunny

Is it just me, or is the bearded guy that the camera's first focused on look almost exactly like Tank Abbott?
FIRST thing I thought of.

Too bad Roachbud wasn't there to sort this shit out... TO THE EXTREME.

Seriously, Roach. Where were you?

The bald guy in the greenish shirt and light jeans seems to REALLY want to fight a lot of seemingly random people. One of the guys he sucker punched while he was hopping around actually looked like he was on his side.
That guy just seemed so happy about getting the chance to run around punching people, it's hard to condemn him.

Don't hate on a brother for practicing his love, people!

Something tells me that the fight would have ended if someone had gone in and just punched that guy out.

That guy was huge and crazy, no one there was punching him out anytime soon.

meth-addled uber-dad

j lzrd / swift idiot
Bald guy in tan shirt is ANGRY! BALD GUY IN TAN SHIRT KICK YOU!

Please gather and form an orderly line, so that we can remove your dignity without another fight, please.
You have noodles for arms, and bad balance.


Caminante Nocturno
How dare you interrupt my attempts to live vicariously through my children?
lol sports
Frank Rizzo
lol wut?

The preview image of the guy in the red shirt sprawled out on the field is amazing. It looks like he's making dirt angels.
"You're gonna be making dirt angles" sounds like some kind of Mafioso threat...

a damn good one

it's hard to pick a best part, but I have to say it'd be the cameraman's writhing inner conflict
Menudo con queso
These doughy lumps of Rainbo Bread wouldn't last ten seconds against a squad of Russian soccer hooligans. (Hmph, I say it as if I could.)
enki don't
Proud moments, people. Proud, proud moments.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Price of a new football jersey that's been soaked in blood:
Price of the cap for the tooth that got cracked 0

Ruining your kids' mental health for years to come: priceless
hey bombers and wanderers, save it for the ducky boys
Geoff Marr
I wish I had played sports when I was younger. Looks like now I'm just gonna have to get my kids in there.
Old People
SprawlFatty in the preload makes this an automatic 5.
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