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Desc:4 people partying so hard that it snowballs into 17
Category:General Station, Humor
Tags:Andrew WK, party hard, white fro
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Honest Abe
I had that album back when I was in school. And no, it actually never gets old.

Almost all dudes... that's sort of a sausage party. That's no kind of party. Busting into the class was pretty beautiful though.
Many stars for the Bauhaus guy at 6:30.
what school is this? some of the kids they storm early on and the 'what the hell' girl seem kinda young for college, yet these are classic dorms. odd.

i'm glad i'm gonna be out of college soon, but i'm gonna miss college too.
My extensive research indicates that this is probably Webster University in St. Louis.

The cop looks kind of embarrassed. He's like guys this party is awesome but you know I have a job to do and really this party is totally badass but really you gotta take it somewhere else... Then in a real small voice he says, "take me with you?"
Horrible people enjoying horrible music.
Honest Abe
too fat to be invited to parties eh? :(

You really like this music??? I would love to know about some of the other 'gems' you have in your collection. Or do I just need to look no further than Wal-Mart's record vault?

Honest Abe
if all you got out of this video was the music then yes, you are really fat and lonely

Probably all cryin' while listening to Sarah McLachlan and goin' yeah chicks will dig me and I will have lots of girlfriends because I'm deep and like serious music, right Lilith Faire? Man shut up fatty

Big Name Celebrity
Iron and Wine sucks, you she-male.

Earned the fifth star at "Skipping".

Pie Boy
Andrew WK went to the same high school as me.
pioneer? or was it chelsea? dexter?

fun guy

Pie Boy

King of Balls
The "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" flier and the humorless nerd with a "The Craft" poster make it.
That guy
Am I late to the PARTY LET'S PARTY?
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