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Desc:Dr. Neil Tyson derides Richard Dawkins for not strong-arming people. Dawkins responds.
Category:Science & Technology, Humor
Tags:Richard Dawkins, Neil Tyson, Quip
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Comment count is 11
Not sure what to rate it, because it's a good video but you gave it an assinine and inacurate discription
assinine? i'd describe it more as vacuntous

Yeah Richard, if you keep speaking the truth to idiots you will never get to be a Bush appointee like Neil. This man contributed his diversity to the committee that developed the plan to cripple cheap and effective unmanned space missions so we can spend years figuring out that it is too expensive to send a man to Mars.

No. That is absolutely the wrong way to educate people. You lose.

"Contributed his diversity"? It's because he's black, isn't it?

I hadn't looked past his brown nose.

The description in no way describes what actually occurs in the clip! In fact, given mergatroid's recent up-ending of any useful debate on this particular subject, one would likely consider it intentionally misleading. So, can someone change the description?
Tyson is about as articulate as a bag of hair.
That last line earned all five stars. Anyone know exactly who it is that he was quoting?
What the hell is Tyson doing with his hands.
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