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Desc:Horrendous kitsch that blends disco-rock score with Greek mythology. Peter Ustinov narrates.
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Religious
Tags:cocaine, greek, Mythology, ustinov, winds
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Probably one of the biggest lapses in judgment that any group of artists has ever experienced. What were they thinking?
Man, I've seen worse!

It's hard to know how to take this since we have to assume the disco score and narration were an invention of the localisers looking to make a quick buck, not the original Japanese directors/producers.

I think this has got some pretty cool animation in it.

The animation is not bad, you're right, but its finer qualities are completely sabotaged by some of the animator's aesthetic choices, the rough editing, and of course the unbearable score and bizarre narration.

The POEness of it is that it is such an ambitious, monumental failure, and also an interesting forgotten oddity.

Holy Crap. 4 stars for freaky nostalgia.
I had this on VHS along with an animated Lion, Witch and Wardrobe, and that one with the musician mouse that makes a deal with the devil.

wtf japan
5 stars for Hermes turning Perseus into Astro Boy in the first 10 minutes.
Precious Moments meets Disco Duck! I remember seeing this in a theater when I was a kid (I think they played it before Flash Gordon or something). It also reminded me of "The Devil and Daniel Mouse", which is on the "Rock and Rule" special-edition DVD. Yes, I am a sad sad sad little nerd.
It's not nearly as bad if you just mute the volume and listen to something else while watching.
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