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Desc:Spoilers, but if you haven't seen it yet you never will
Category:Classic Movies, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:Van Damme, Guile, street, fighter, only if you wear that dress
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Comment count is 12
Caminante Nocturno - 2008-03-09
This movie is worth its weight in Bison Bucks.
C. Eloi Marx - 2008-03-09
Three stars for the clip, five for your comment.

Unmerciful Crushing Force - 2008-03-09
One of these stars is for Ming Na in that dress. The other two are for the end pose.
Xenocide - 2008-03-09
Guile's natural reaction to an explosion is to comb his hair.
PlushJake - 2008-03-09
I wonder how many hours the cast spent playing SFII so they could get those victory poses down. Yeah, probably zero. YOGA!
Aernaroth2 - 2008-03-09
I think this was the movie that inspired ewe boll to go into filmaking.
Blaise - 2008-03-09
Since I really liked Raul Julia I figured "how bad could it be?", and convinced my wife to go see this film with me in the theater.

I didn't realize Raul Julia was dying and decided to make this film solely for its fast buck.

This film was so bad, to this day I can never win the "I pick out better movies argument" just because of this one mistake.

Thanks Raul Julia. Thanks for the subsequent decade of "chick flicks" I've had to endure.
FABIO2 - 2008-05-31
This movie killed Raul Julia. Cancer was just a cover.

coprolalia - 2008-03-09
The laughter sounds mocking.
Smellvin - 2008-03-10
It's mocking you for having plunked down to watch this.

1394 - 2008-03-09
loses a star for having Balrog.
garcet71283 - 2008-03-10
That explosion at the end was Van Damme's career.
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