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Desc:Commodor e64 port of Guitar Hero
Category:Video Games
Tags:guitar hero, Commodore 64, shredz64
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Comment count is 8
"You may not have heard of" a bunch of technical bullshit. Skip to 4:30 or the second clip to see the game being played.
Firstly: Why?
Secondly: What was happening on screen had nothing to do with what I was hearing.

ho hum. I like the c64 but sheeeeeeeeee(loop)it
Adham Nu'man
Forgot the "incurable virginity" tag.
Not that it's saying much but this looks way better then Rock Band.
Really well done, actually. Skip over the nerd babble at the beginning if it's boring you.
If someone made SID HERO with as many tracks by Rob Hubbard as possible, I'd dig out my ol' C64 and 1541 drive....
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