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Desc:Scary art composed of ominous ambience and displaced facial parts.
Tags:eyes, scary, Tony, Oursler
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Comment count is 8
I really like these particular works, but thanks to fine arts [sculpture] classes, I have to view these particular pieces over and over as students blatantly rip them off, and present them as their own idea

"it's a fish bowl... but it's got an EYE in it... because, you know, we're always, like... looking in... to the world of the fish... politics..."
It's called appropriation.

I was actually going to say that at the bottom of my first post. I see you've been to art school too

The better artists steal either without anyone noticing or so blatantly that no one notices. Simply because you can't make art in a vacuum. I don't care what The Residents may have told you.

sort of like watching videodrome but not as good

how is it like videodrome?

You do realize that these are sculptures, right?


me? yes, that is why I liked them.

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