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Desc:On a dark night, a man will be TRANSFORMED!
Category:Classic TV Clips, Short Films
Tags:slick, akeem, the african dream, one man gang, could be a PBS Special
Submitted:Sean Robinson
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Comment count is 24
Sean Robinson
Frank Rizzo
thats blatently racist.

racism is not cool, it is not a family value.
Sean Robinson
Chet removed my "THE RACE CARD" tag, or it was one too many for the form to handle which is still sort of Chet fucking my not-really-a-joke up.

Needs "wwe racism" tag, see also http://www.poetv.com/video.php?vid=22295
Sean Robinson
Did you not read my comment? How fucking dare you. Don't tell me what to do. I'm not going to help assholes like you find your assholes from a hole in the ground OR wrestling videos. Die in hell.

Man you have an aggression problem, that can't be good for your heart

Sean Robinson
And you think that life's problems will just breeze by you. Wake up or a fucking truck is going to hit you.

And not a metaphorical truck, let me be clear. If you don't start showing more awareness about the hows and whys of the world around you, a truck is literally going to careen into you at some not-unimpressive speed.

Frank Rizzo
omg! flaming yellow boots!!!!


Sean Robinson's aggression is sort of why I like him.

If you can't relax a little, you should at least cut down on the cholesterol.
Sean Robinson
I am giving you helpful advice, with the calm, measured pace of a doctor, and you are going off on me and predicting my death. You really need to think about the connection between your actions and the widely held belief - which I would fight against at the peril of my very life - that you are an asshole.

You're right, I shouldn't 5 star other people's videos, you are the Hippocrates of the internet and totally not some bizarre explosion of impotent animus.

Sean Robinson
You literally have no capacity to understand when I am joking. Lots of people are able to figure it out. You are not.

I am going to start being extraordinarily literal with you.

I was jokingly noting that I had just mentioned that I couldn't add any tags. I don't actually think you should die in hell.

I think you need, when reading, to consider if perhaps the writer actually has an intent beyond - and occasionally directly contradictory - to their words. I know that it can be hard to comprehend these discrepancies (collectively described as 'irony' by scientists), but I am sure that we can come up with a workable solution in the future.

On my part, I again pledge to be as earnest and plainspoken with you as I can be.
Sean Robinson
Futurebot, I already screwed up!

Please note that my response was supposed to carry an air of condescension towards you. I don't want you to miss that.

For me, the giveaway for jokes is usually the "funny" part

Sean Robinson
Futurebot, if we limited ourselves to jokes you get, the Internet would consist of three knock-knock jokes and someone posting a photo-funny.

If we were bound to your sense of humour, we'd all be veal (****Literal Explanation for Futurebot , this is a metaphor to suggest that we would become intellectually weak in a manner that young cows tethered and fattened become physically weak****)

Midnight Man
And people scoffed when I believed he was a child

Billy Buttsex
It is racist to have a black man plan an African theme. It is racist to suggest that having tribal African dancers partying around a fire is similar to a CBS special.
Sean Robinson
Mean Gene said 'PBS'.

And the dude is white, born and bred.

Wow, I was wondering why this was rated so high. Now I know it's to see Sean Robinson overreact. Needs a "Sean Takes It Personal" tag.
Sean Robinson
I personally shepherd my videos because I care.

Are you into fucking?


A fat man in a dashiki.


the glory days
Corman's Inferno
This is my favorite part of American History X. When Michael Buffer tried to sue an African dance ceremony.
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