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Desc:Silly Indonesians, Stop Asking for Tsunamis
Category:Religious, Humor
Tags:delusion, The Secret, new age, Law of Attraction, Hucksters
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Comment count is 13
I'm gonna come flat out and claim that the dreadlocks guy is the same guy from Thank God I Was Raped with a face lift and a total disregard of dignity
Thank god I was raped of my money.

Anything with any relationship to The Secret should be burned. This stuff is the second greatest scam next to Scientology.

It's a great way to pick up jersey girls with lots of makeup though.
It makes you look sensitive and smaht.

Adham Nu'man
I use the secret's magic technique of positive visualization to WILL this shit into never being released.
What bothered me the most about The Secret was its complete focus on self. Totally amoral, nothing more than "people get what they ask for, be it a fast car or breast cancer." It idolizes the search for material wealth while absolving any guilt one might rightly have about singlemindedly seeking that wealth. Kind of clever in that respect.

Even if The Moses Code is more of the same bullshit in terms of magical universe handouts, I will be a happy guy if it at least puts some emphasis on the wellbeing of our fellow humans. Given, you know, that there's already an army of converts to The Secret.
What the bleep had the same self-centric philosophy. Hell, the "story" in it is resolved by the mute chick drawing hearts on herself to help her visualize loving herself completely. Nary a mention of helping of loving others.

What is so surprising to me is that after Jonestown and Waco, we still have folks joining up with this type of shit just because it's shot on quality film stock. This, the secret and what the bleep all go back to Ramtha, the kooky cult following the Atlantian warrior (like aquaman) of the same name being channeled through the medium of JZ Knight. I'll respect or at least live and let live with a kooky religious belief most of the time, no matter how much i disagree with it, but Ramtha is a money sucking life destroying cult that has it's head quarters just 20 miles down the street from me. grrrr

Dear me. Can I have some money now? How about now? Please?
The Moses Code has been bullshit for years. All those dots and dashes don't mean shit.
Syd Midnight
In 1942, Alan Turing was able to decode Moses in a few hours with a British mechanical computer... today it would take a massive distributed computing project. True fact.

Syd Midnight
James Randi disproved the Moses code. I dunno what it is, but even if it's a troll, you can't lose saying "James Randi disproved it".
Could James Randi disprove... JAMES RANDI?

Syd Midnight
If that happened, he would detonate with the force of 80 megatons of TNT. Laws of physics.

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