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Desc:This commercial has been a constant in my life since childhood.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Pets & Animals
Tags:Ontario, marineland, niagara falls, place to go
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Comment count is 9
it's the final shot that makes it for me: Mannequin Gets Nudged by Whale.

seriously replayed that part about 25 times....
For a second, I read the title as "Maineland." I was wondering what's so great about an amusement park where you trap lobsters, get blind-stinking drunk, and say "a-yup." I was greatly disappointed when I realized what it actually was.
Caminante Nocturno
Walrus King does not strike me as a good ruler.

refugee camps full of rape seals.

"I did not elect myself Walrus King! The walruses elected me!"



Jeff Fries
We had Marine World where I grew up, and the first time I was taken there I said a silent prayer that we would find a rollercoaster somewhere in the park. It took God about 10 years to answer that prayer and turn the park into a Six Flags, by which point I understood what a stupid idea it was to have a rollercoaster in a zoo.
Just moved from the Great Lakes area to the American SW.
This clip makes me miss Canada :(

Terminal Button
Um, that was interesting, but I was kind of hoping for an ad for the Marines, and I was wondering where exactly their lands would be.
refugee camps full of rape seals.

Also dead puppies.

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