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Desc:Who doesn't love a naruto AMV set to linkin park?
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Humor
Tags:youtube, larping, video reply, for tax reasons, im in ur manger killing ur savior
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Comment count is 28
Should somebody who mostly hates anime make it their business to find out what a "naruto AMV" is?
It's something far inferior to Linkin Park/Balto videos.

Those are two sides of the same coin, Adramalech.

Monchiles Monchiles
No. You shouldn't. I think that the joke is that Naruto AMVs set to Linkin Park are overdone?
Step one: go to youtube

Step two: search "Naruto Linkin Park"

Step three: Hatred.

I don't get this?
look up the related youtube video. it's funny stuff, albeit overdone since the begining of the internet.

+5 for THAC0
Caminante Nocturno
I learned today that you don't roll dice while larping.
How do they determine damage then? It seems like the five year olds' cowboys and indians "you didn't hit me!" problems would result.

Larper 1: I just critically struck you for 35 damage! You are dead! HA!
Larper 2: Nuh-uh! I made a critical save to dodging and avoided your damage completely.

*fistfight ensues with at least one pair of broken glasses and a bent foam sword as a result*

I'm to understand that it's all coin tosses and staredowns. LARPing is actually more retarded than you thought it was.

Paper rock scissors. Elaborate rules that boil down to paper rock scissors. I am not joking.

Rock, Paper, Scissors, & the Bomb!

Frank Rizzo
so stupid
enough about your lineage, what do you think of the video?

Frank Rizzo
stleaing your jokes from ZawBanjito are we?



No, I'm just doing what all the cool kids do on PoETV; ridicule your stupid ass.

Honest Abe
yeah but you're solro

Frank Rizzo
"No, I'm just doing what all the cool kids do on PoETV; ridicule your stupid ass."

yeah, Im the one that looks stupid. Keep telling yourself that, Carlos Mencia of poetv

That's just low, even for you.

Are you sure you want to use that insult? It's so powerful it could stain a man's soul.

Is SolRo really deserving of it?

I guess I have no idea what I'm watching, so I'll decline to rate.
Me too.

This is actually funnier than the video it's referencing.

Aubrey McFate
Every Youtube face-in-the-camera video looks and sounds like this to me.
He probably likes the D20 system
-1 star because there is little chance that that is actually a cellular telephone. I don't think there are any cellular networks still in operation.
boy zatojones, you sure do know a lot about cell phones.

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