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Desc:Iraq vet testifies about what he saw and did while serving in Iraq
Category:Military, Horror
Tags:Iraq, america, soldier, invasion, occupation
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there's a really good video (the other bearded guy, in the blue shirt) in the menu. He gets really detailed about his confirmed kills, and the forces that drive a soldier to take lives [unnecessarily] and obey prerogative.
Syd Midnight
Pt 2 of the testimony should be coming out if the hopper any time now. I'm trying to watch it, but these stories are just soul crushing.

This first guy is probably the least depressing of them all. It gets worse. These will wreck your mood.
Billy Buttsex
It's probably somewhere in between what this guy's saying (probably bs, anyway) and what Fox News is saying. Can't be great, but is everything gonna go well in an occupied transitional territory? I mean, these kinds of guys with stories are gonna be blabbin' SOONER OR LATER, and yes it sucks, but this isn't reason enough to just abandon the area and leave one of the most prized possessions in modern history fall to anarchy and spread violence across the Middle East.
So if we just stay there longer everything will get better? How long is it going to take, exactly?

Billy Buttsex
Smooth, I have no clue. I'm praying every day that our boys get to come home ASAP and this'll all be over with, but I know that the geopolitical ramifications of immediate withdrawal are potentially disastrous... far worse than just having our troops stationed there. I hate hearing stuff like in this video, too, and it's repulsive whether these stories are true or fake, but I know this is a problem with occupations and that we've gotta stick it out until we know there won't be a civil war.

IT'S ALREADY A CIVIL WAR - the government (i.e. the Bush admin) has already fucked this up beyond belief. You really think it's worth ruining what little military we have left so all the war supporters can sleep better at night because we're "doing the right thing"?

Billy Buttsex
Stop watching The View. A civil war is when there are factions actually raiding each other and claiming territories as their own. Baghdad--and I mean basically ONLY Baghdad-- has random bombings from a small section of a very militant Islamofascist crazies.

A civil war is what happened in Bosnia during the 90's.

So you're an expert on what is and isn't a civil war? I don't fucking think so. Excuse me if you can't read a fucking newspaper, but have you ever heard of Muqtada Al-Sadr - when your fat chickenhawk war-mongering ass signs up to go over there maybe your opinion will be worth a shit - until then shut your fat faggot yap.


Billy, while your analysis comes straight from conservative ditto essays from about four years ago, I will say that I will agree with you so long as we raise taxes to World War II levels and reinstate the draft.

Are you willing to do that? No? I don't think so. So fuck off and shut the fuck up. Our military is overextended. Don't listen to me. Listen to Lt. Colonel Sanchez. You say that you pray every day that our boys get home, but I don't believe you. What you really want is not to lose, and that's a very different thing from caring about our armed forces.


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