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Desc:DemoniusX shouts out to Poet (sic) TV, then gets down to business.
Tags:Nintendo, Wii, demoniusx
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Comment count is 23
Our Man will get an automatic 3-stars from me, even if his videos stink - like this one does - for the foreseeable future...
That said, this video sucked. He didn't even get his usual wasted off his one beer; and he concluded things by talking briefly about the weather.
Without his usual antics, DemoniusX is really no better / different than any other youtube vlogger (fag).

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Post rehab DemoniusX sucks =\

He's gained weight, and yet the extra body mass hasn't made him any less of a lightweight when it comes to getting girly-drunk off of a few beers.

Also: Hi, Demonius -- could you please explain how your bigoted-Christian act jibes with naming yourself "DEMONius"?
Please don't try to make him go away.

trying to make him go away would [hopefully] only serve to get his defenses up, forcing him back into his looping routine of attack-and-mope, attack-and-mope.
His new stuff (this video here, etc) is weak. He's not using any of his angry fat guy potential that we fell in love with.

I want him to put his katana cleaning video back up. That was my favorite one.

yeah man, his sword cleaning video pretty much summed him up - or at least his idealized persona

I feel like I should punch myself in the balls every time I happen to agree with something he says. There wasn't a lot of that special Demonius X magic in this one though.
Should have quit while he was ahead....
Dinky Patterson
That new camera angle and pre-loader image makes him look like a head that someone severed off with his sword.

Monchiles Monchiles
He both looks and sounds like he is dying. This makes me sad.
SNK gave us Samurai Shodown I and II, which automatically undoes any mistakes they have made or will make, forever.

Also, Metal Slug is fun. I like the scruffy hostage guys and their antics.

Is that his katana hanging to the left of the door?
He should hold these down to five minutes, they'd be more digestible. He also needs to drink more.
Sadly, this one just didn't have the HATE that usually oozes like sweat from his pores.
Colonel Cowlung
I couldn't see the label, but isn't the Grolsch he's drinking a lager? Does Grolsch even make an ale?
You are correct, sir.

Spastic Avenger
He always looks to me like a thin guy wearing really bad fat makeup on his face.
Hi Demonius,

First of all, glad to see you back. Seriously, I am.

Secondly, would you mind picking topics a tad more ribald than video game history and console wars? I ask because there are many people already commenting on the same, so more opinion in that direction is just.... well, I feel you could serve a greater purpose. How about you tell us about Michigan politics, or the homosexual agenda, or obesity in America, or perhaps you know of a better way to lower the crime rate? Any of these topics, I feel, are more your style.

Thirdly, would you mind putting your old videos back online please?
Demonius, you need more drunken ranting (minus the racism). Flash your sword, get drunk, sing us songs, tell us about your love life, and review games.
Demonius. I know you're reading this. If you want to get back to a five-star rating with multiple favorites, you need to get back to the topic we care about: Fleshlights, to tear the Fleshlight, to wear the Fleshlight, to be born unto new worlds where your Fleshlight becomes my key.

Unintentional humor never survives the transition to self awareness.
you've nailed it dead-on

Thanks! ^_________________^

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