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Desc:Inspired by Anonymous putting some Henry Rollins Show stuff up.
Category:Crime, Educational
Tags:bush, politics, henry rollins, gore vidal, War In Iraq
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"But what was Bob Guccione like?"
+4 for calling McCain the village idiot.
Yeah the part about McCain being a POW because he must have fucked up and the part where they laughed about him being kept in a box and tortured for years was AWESOME.

Menudo con queso
Wa wa wee wah, I got tortured for mass bombing gook civilians. I'm a hero.

thanks for adding that desperately needed touch of class

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Christ, people, it's the 21'st century - stop recording shit by recording your TV.

Lazy fucks.
Damn rare to agree with Feyd, but this was under the bottom.

I know, right? WHO AM I?

Not enough stars in the night sky for this. They're not laughing at McCain's POW status, they're pointing out, truthfully, that he's the village idiot for the experience not having enlightened him to the horror of war.
maybe you should go enlighten McCain as to the horror of war

@Feyd: McCain sure as hell can't get enough of it.

"Bomb bomb bomb Iran" ring any bells?

Billy Buttsex
"And thank God the Mexicans are moving right back into it!"

Whatever it was he said, this guy hates America. We should send HIM to a tiger cage in Vietnam.
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