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Desc:Zombie head lady has something she wants to say.
Category:Classic Movies, Humor
Tags:Head, zombie, Return of the Living Dead, living dead, screw driver
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Comment count is 12
Mike Tyson?!
The original is one of my all-time favorite films and boy did the series go down in quality fast.
the original wasn't that great, mostly because it was a "funny" zombie flick.
However, the original and later OFLD movies were able to explore more creative distance, while remaining in a zombie plot, than so-called 'serious' movies. RIVERMAN.

a flaming monkey
How may did they make? I'm only aware of the original and this one.

Syd Midnight
There's a bunch of them, all cheesy. I saw Part 3 because it had a hot goth looking zombie chick on a promo shot. It was actually pretty depressing. Zombies should not be given sympathetic personalities.

Except, of course, for Bub the Zombie in the original "Day of the Dead". Bub was a class act.

Disagree strongly with SARS. In fact, I'll go as far as to say I think the original is the finest zombie movie ever made.

Yeah Return Of The Living Dead was not meant to be a "funny" zombie movie despite a few humorous bits. It's sort of become a model more modern horror movies in that the characters are a lot more sympathetic because, like us, they have no idea how to react to scary shit. It also gave us the terrifying concept of ZOMBIES WHO CAN FUCKING SPRINT rather than just the shambling masses most zombies movies had up to that point. It deserves props just for that.

This movie, however, sucked balls. I was so disappointed.

Mike Tyson?!
"Yeah Return Of The Living Dead was not meant to be a "funny" zombie movie despite a few humorous bits."


Hey, Syd Midnight - #3, with the hot goth on the cover, is the one with RIVERMAN RIVERMAN RIVERMAN I think.

For those of you who don't know, RIVERMAN is a black hobo subject to zombification and later medical experiments to harness his undead powers, via a powerful mechanical exoskeleton battle suit: making him one of the most powerful zombies [within the ROTLD series].
His only "weakness" is empathy - when he sees his old treasured medallion, it causes a clash of conflict in his head (and heart!), and sends him into a crazed fury as his former self battles his new, ravenous desires.

As terrible as #3 is, it's got Riverman. But, as awesome as he is, GOOGLE FAILS TO PROVIDE ANY PICTURE.

I don't see how any of the movies in this series are worth crap other than giving us running zombies, Riverman, and that subplot in three where the chick zombie had to keep up that masochistic fetish kink stuff to keep from turning into a full blown zombie. That was kinda hot.

I always saw the first ROTD as a sort of fun irrelevant underground Zombie comic that happened to get made into a film. It has a bunch of heavily caricatured 80's bad boy/girl teens riding in a big 50's Cadillac with a punk soundtrack pumping in the background. It knows what it is and just wants to entertain for about an hour and a half.

The other movies began to lose the quirky fun spirit of the first one, while holding tightly onto the stupid.

Also: Zombie chicks aren't hot. I don't care what the internet tells me.

Also, Also: Graveyard dancing Linnea Quigly IS hot.

Dear Leader
The lack of a neck sure does a number on your vocal chords
This was pretty rad up until the Thriller scene. The original is a damn classic despite being poorly written satire.

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