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Desc:Bourdain settles in with an inuit family (maybe zombies) to tear a dead seal apart and eat it raw.
Category:Nature & Places, Educational
Tags:seal, inuit, bourdain, grandma loves to eats them brains
Submitted:Mostly Pi
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Comment count is 11
Mike Tyson?!
Yes, cultures are different and I am totally down with that BUT...

The fact that they are eating it on the floor in a modern western looking house is the weird part to me. You people never heard of a table? I see it the back background damn it! Why is grandma eating a tray of blubber and berries on the floor? If this was done in the lower 48 you'd be sent to jail for neglect and abuse!!

Also, everyone has a fat face.
This is a pretty common activity found in hunter-gatherer economies, irrespective of culture.

When a kill is brought home the extended family gathers around to process the meat for storage.

The rare and/or uber-nutritious parts of the animal are usually eaten immediately. These articular parts of the animal, and who gets to eat them, usually carries social and symbolic significance.

While this alone might put their eating on the floor in context, there's also the fact those western kitchen counters probably aren't designed to support a + 200lbs, freshly killed seal.

You know that when they are watching Night of the Living Dead they are thinking about having a snack.

Also, Mike Tyson?! has a fat butt.
Adham Nu'man
"Suck it like a nipple!"

Thanks grandma.
Wow, look how happy that family is together. I think it's all the iron.
Would you stop apologizing for how they hunt and eat you fucking pansy.
bang to buck ratio
Anthony Bourdain has always seemed like a pretty unapologetic carnivore; I wonder if the producers didn't make him include those couple minutes of cringing because of aw seals, etc.

wtf japan
I love Anthony Bourdain, and I guarantee you he doesn't care about the seal. Still, it's pretty unrealistic not to address the strangeness of eating raw flesh from a bloody carcass on the kitchen floor. Without Bourdain's apology, we may as well assume that was formerly a particularly difficult Inuit child.


I want to do this so bad.
blubber treats

dinner tarp
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