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Category:Educational, News & Politics
Tags:Scientology, propaganda, 4chan, Anonymous, obscene emails
Submitted:Cinnamon Imperialist
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Comment count is 34
Caminante Nocturno - 2008-03-28
8,139. So close. That number must feel like a slap in the face.
Rodents of Unusual Size - 2008-03-28
Oh, the poor dears. If they weren't wiping their tears with checks for five grand I might donate a tissue.
Jeff Fries - 2008-03-28
Death threat after death threat after death threat for a total of eight death threats.
kingarthur - 2008-03-28
Bullets? Death Threats? Bomb Threats? I seriously doubt any of that happened. I also see no video of the protests, big or small. I do know there were several false pizza orders in the names of Scientology victims.
Aelric - 2008-03-28
rickrolling counts as assault with intent.
Hooper_X - 2008-03-28
crimes against decency.

(also, I'm pretty sure they locked up a handful of people at the atlanta protest for noise code violations.)

Hooper_X - 2008-03-28
That was some incredibly Dateline NBC-esque production.
Jeff Fries - 2008-03-28
With some incredibly 1998 DVD menu graphics

Oktay - 2008-03-28
And written by the Count! Vun meelyon harrrasing e-meyils... too meelyon harrasing e-meyils... tree meelyon harrasing e-meyils... ah ah ah ah...

Adramelech - 2008-03-28
I hope all these kids end up in jail overnight. They would be scared to death and find a real cause. IRL.
SARS - 2008-03-28
thetans, in YOUR vagina?

Caminante Nocturno - 2008-03-28
You tell 'em, Grandpa! Not too loudly, though, you might make a mess.

mouser - 2008-03-28
Wait... their complaining about 1m+ hits on their web site? And they dont have Google Adds? WTF!
Hooper_X - 2008-03-28
It really is an epic battle of who can be the bigger retard. Whoever wins, they still fucking lose.

GuyCorngood - 2008-03-28
Stop making me root for the /b/ spawn, Scientology.
Tstyle - 2008-03-28
When did life become a comic book?
zatojones - 2008-03-28
When OT8 came out

Cinnamon Imperialist - 2008-03-28
A bit of background: My friends went to a protest in Clearwater, marching with signs and wearing those V for Vendetta masks, and there were people from Scientology going around photographing license plates. Sure enough, about a week later my friend gets a letter from a Scientology law firm, and this DVD.

The fax of NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER left everybody rolling on the floor when we watched this.
Big Beef Burritos Supreme - 2008-03-28
NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER is now - and always - a meme

zatojones - 2008-03-28
What did the letter say? I can't imagine how they could legally connect someone to a bomb threat for standing around on a public street playing "Never Gonna Give You Up"

Cinnamon Imperialist - 2008-03-28
It was basically a list of grievances they had against Anonymous and ended with "We recorded license plate #BLABLA23 at a protest led by Anonymous. We know where you live, motherfucker, don't cross us.", but in lawyer speak.

MightierThanTheSword - 2009-04-20
Oh, please. Because nobody else was parked there that day. The picture of the plate isn't any kind of proof, they're being retarded.

...next time, take it off or something

Dinky Patterson - 2008-03-28
They must have a lot of solid leads at this point.
Comatose2 - 2008-03-28
This reminds me of Snake's codec calls, for some reason. I think Anonymous is Otacon.
RandomFerret - 2008-04-30

Geoff Marr - 2008-06-10
But Ray Campbell did call Raiden and say some random shit. NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER might have been one of the things.

Geoff Marr - 2008-06-10
Roy Campbell, my bad

Udderdude - 2008-03-28
I can't believe they actually made this response video. And then sent it to them! Someone needs to remind these guys .. don't feed the trolls.
halon - 2008-03-29
oh man I was skeptical but apparently these are the facts
Scynne - 2008-03-29
Citations PLZ.

dementomstie - 2008-03-30
Please, I get 6.8 million unwanted e-mails everyday telling me to get new credit cards that'll make parts of my body larger.
Random - 2008-05-01
I kept expecting him to say "and a partridge in a pear tree!"
oogaBooga - 2008-05-27

joelkazoo - 2009-01-31
or: "...and 2 hard-boiled eggs. *honk* Make that 3 hard-boiled eggs!"

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