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Category:Classic TV Clips, Cartoons & Animation
Tags:ctrl-alt-del, bad webcomic, tim buckley, B^U, blind ferret
Submitted:Cinnamon Imperialist
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Comment count is 20
Appropriate that Tim Buckley's awful comic is adapted into animation by one of the worst "studios" ever.
What other abomination did this animation studio produce?

Some terrible cartoons based on that PvP webcomic, that sort-of-World of Warcraft inspired webcomic Looking for Group (which was co-created by Ryan Lohner, who was one of the guys who started up Blind Ferret) and another shitty flash ad with bad lip-sync for some body odor product featuring the characters from Lohner's other shitty webcomic Least I Could Do.

And then there's this crap.

PS Tim Buckley eats dong.

Not endearingly bad, but poorly done and uninteresting in every way I can think of.
The extra star is for somehow managing to be even more irritating than the comic.

that was awesome high five
Corman's Inferno
Extra star for being even worse at "LOL POP CULTURE" randomness than Robot Chicken.
Cinnamon Imperialist
I largely submitted this because people PAY MONEY to watch this. There's a a month subscription service or a DVD. That's for roughly 1 or 2 hours of this. You could get an entire season of any great TV show for less than these people pay for this.

Also, every character's face looks like this: B^U
Midnight Man
Five stars for that

Hideous, absolutely hideous.
Also: someone created a drinking game based on this:

>> * Every time Ethan does something "wacky": 1 drink. (I suspect this will be the killer.)
* Every time the robot makes a "kill all humans" statement: 1 drink
* Anytime I can catch a plot twist/scene as being lifted directly from another source, like a sitcom: 2 drinks
* Swedish Chef tries murdering Ethan: 2 drinks and give a goddamn cheer
* Anytime I catch myself going "BUCKLEEEEEEY": 1 drink and self-loathing for doing this
* See the Blind Ferret animation: 1 drink
Star Wars has already been parodied to death in every possible way. But even if that weren't true, this would still be the most painful and labored parody ever.

People pay real money to watch this shit. Thus, an Extra star solely so this remains on the front page, thus (in theory) depriving Buckley of money.

Aubrey McFate
I had (and still know) some friends that love the shit out of this comic. They even threw a Wintereenmas party, which is the Chrismas-type holiday created by the strip that is devoted to gaming.

I make it a point not to see them much.
My first question was going to be if anybody actually liked this shit.

My second remains is this in any way reflective of the comic? Because jesus christ. It's so horrible it blistered the paint on my wall. Five stars!

That is aggressively shitty.
In the cartoon, they replace needless verbosity with horrible pacing.

Also, this is a minor thing to nitpick in the scope of the greater pile of suck, but what's with using a hand-lettering font with a terminal-style blinking underline cursor? That's one hell of a mixed visual metaphor right there.
Caminante Nocturno
When your primary motivation for producing something is attention, it really ends up showing in your work.

And in the type of people you attract.
I really think this should be one of the highest rated videos here. It is as stated before aggressively bad.

Just, holy fucking shit. I thought I was becoming desensitized to awful things...I'm truly happy right now.
I feel awful after having watched that.
Five stars.
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