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Desc:Woman takes DMT anally and describes trip. Just do 200 mg anally huh huh huh
Category:Educational, Science & Technology
Tags:drugs, dmt, trip, anal, research
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Comment count is 21
Wait...this woman seems REALLY familiar.
I'm almost positive she did at least one really infamous pro-Ron Paul video, but her video history doesn't have it anymore or any of the other political videos I'm almost sure I've seen her in.
Anyone else recognize her?
Jeff Fries
You might say that, you might say we have a history

god this is tedious
Boring as hell, but there's a whole lot of lines you could take out of context and put together into a hot clip: "So I took it anally", "I thought I could take ANYTHING", "I thought I was in control", etc.
Boring, so boring.
Angel Carver
I have long been obsessed with this young woman.
Jeff Fries
Man she's in a hurry to turn that camera off.
this chick is a fame whore
I have a history with a girl who looks exactly like this. To the point that this is disturbingly eerie.
never has a woman shoving something up her ass... been so lame
5 for good entheogenics, but I voted it up in the hopper because all the talk about sticking things up her ass gave me a woody HUR!
Doctor Arcane
How the fuck is DMT ethnogenic? It's a powdered chemical

Also, 'gee it's not working, lets take more'. Been there. Done that.
"gee it's not working, lets take more" is the rookie mantra...


Dopey 90s neohippie attempt to come up with a new, less stigmatized term for psychedelics.

"Like pointing the universe up your butt and pulling the trigger."
Rodents of Unusual Size
I worked with a girl who looked and sounded just like this...I'm noticing a theme!

Also: Super Tripper would make a kickass comic.
Ohio or Mississippi?

Frank Rizzo
needs the peanuts "waaaah wah wahh wah wahhhhhhhh waaaaaaaah" saxomophone thing being played in the BG.

jesus, shut up please.
Stay tuned for my YouTube video spinoff where I describe my GHB trip for nine minutes.
A note to all the teenage twats obsessed with their own drug use: just because something feels interesting to you doesn't mean it is interesting to anyone else.
At least if you're describing your trip WHILE high you have impaired judgment as an excuse
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