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Desc:If you don't know me, you don't know Dick
Category:Science & Technology, Humor
Tags:Evolution, dawkins, Expelled, PZ, Myers
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Comment count is 32

Five thousand stars for fucking Hitchens smoking with an I heart liquor headband.
Actually, yeah, I should have thrown in an extra star for Hitchens the dope fiend.

I submitted it largely due to PZ Myers's SQUID hat.

Stupid. If more Americans could understand the vital differences between 'believing', 'knowing' and 'proving', the world would be a better place.

The rest was dumb but still. It's more a five stars for how weird this is.

Couldn't make it past the first minute. There's actually a rap?
Hugo Gorilla
I felt the same way but bared with it. It's actually kind of fun.

Hugo Gorilla
That should be "bear."

I bared with it. God I'm hard. Shake it, Dawkins.

The big heads on the little dancing bodies feels like it should warrant yawns, but it looks kind of neat here.
That one star? That one star is for acknowledging the animation and art concept as being fun, pretty damn good, and actually interesting. The absence of the other five billion stars? That..that's for the stupid.

How hard is it to just admit to yourself there's no papa bear in the sky?
These five stars? These five stars are for the stupid.

This is a viral video for Expelled. I am forced by conscience to give it a one

Are you quite convinced you understand the intent of the creator... of the video? In the unlikely case that this was produced by theists, it might represent their first recorded instance of humor. Be careful not to set the bar too high.

It's for a movie about how "creationism is right" narrated by Ben Stein. I don't have to give it anything.

It seems unlikely that this is from the Expelled gang. They seem incapable of going longer than 2 minutes without talking about Nazis. Also, it would probably have Darwin falling into "gaps" in the fossil record or similar stupidity.

Well, that convinced me. Every evolutionary biologist is just out for the dollah bill and the bad bling, yo.
Should've been "mad bling" :(

That was stupid, and not amusingly so. :(
heh, in issues relating to biology Dawkins IS smarter than most of us and after watching him debate i'd agree he's smarter than most people in general.

aslo: it's funny that atheism is represented by a giant super powered robot. it's as if they cannot imagine something without there being some kind of deity behind it.
YEs because if you're an atheist it means you want to be ruled by machines.

Killer Joe
The young lady dancer needs a t-shirt.
Also, pretty good flow. I'm convertin'.
Just because I don't agree with the movie Expelled doesn't mean I'm not down with big-head Charles Darwin dancing. You people aren't seeing the trees for the forest.
j lzrd / swift idiot
This man speaks Truth. And if you don't believe him, you're stupid.

just plain dumb. they actually want to force kids to watch this.
Creationist booty girls have small tits.
Oh come on, it was fun.
Wahh, "big science" is keeping the man down! Patronizing.
They can't help but mock themselves in their own attempts at mockery. 5 stars for spectacular failure and brilliant success at the same time.
5 because anything that has to do with Expelled deserves to be on Portal Of EVIL and the fact that Creationist have already shot themselves in the foot over this film.
Menudo con queso
They have? I missed that. How?

Spastic Avenger
The term 'hoist by own petard' comes to mind; this is far too enjoyable.
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