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Desc:Black militant imagines the joy of killing whitey.
Category:Classic Movies, Educational
Tags:70s, Exploitation, slavery, child abuse week, babies in danger
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Comment count is 17
revdrew - 2008-03-28
I'd just like to remind everyone of how fucking awesome this movie is, and that the entire thing is available on youtube. At least watch part 7 (which died a cruel death in the hopper) and part 8.

oregano - 2008-03-28
I must agree, this was a great flick.

abeli$con - 2008-03-29
that movie isn't suitable for watching by anyone. its utterly without any redeeming qualities.

little boys like you are what's wrong with america.

snothouse - 2008-03-29
Uh, I agree with the first part, but the second part seems a tad harsh.

GuyCorngood - 2008-03-29
Sure it's an exploitive, race-baiting piece of trash, but you have to love Riz Ortolani's awesome soundtrack

snothouse - 2008-03-29
That's how I feel about Triumph Of The Will.

revdrew - 2008-03-29
"Exploitive, race-baiting piece of trash".. I think that's a pretty good description of why I love it.

baleen - 2008-03-29

It's an exploitation film, people. Some italian guys made it to shock people. That's what italian guys do.

FABIO2 - 2008-03-28
That reaction looked a bit stronger than disbelief.
kiint - 2008-03-29
five stars just for the preload image
Michael Houser - 2008-03-29
Love it. 70's music and black vengeance go hand in hand.
Caminante Nocturno - 2008-03-29
Well, maybe it's a story about how the baby is raised by... No, my mistake.
GuyCorngood - 2008-03-29
Great music, great baby smashing. Also, boo hoo hoo this didn't make it through the hopper when I submitted it.
snothouse - 2008-03-29
Black empowerment, the most confusing thing to define ever.
zatojones - 2008-03-29
I don't like baby killing
kingarthur - 2008-03-29
Spoil sport.

Xiphias - 2008-03-29
Finally, a frank and mature discussion of race in America.
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