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Desc:It's a documentary about a bunch of British teenagers with tourettes going to a camp in the US
Category:General Station
Tags:Camp, Teenagers, nigger, tourettes
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Multi-part submission is apparently broken. the second part is here:

Whoo go halon!
Makes me miss Camp Shitpissfuckballs.
I liked this better than Jesus FUCKING CHRIST Camp.
.i.. ..i.
I always enjoy a good documentary, and this one is better than many. But I'm having problems with part 2. Audio is not synced up. I tried both links (the multi-part one and the comment one) but no joy. Any others?
it is a bit out of synch. There may be something weird with the video file that google video didn't like. I watched the source on VLC without any problems, but when I tried to load it into an editor to transcode it to xvid the editor crashed.

Part 2 is mostly girls screeching at each other and Sam being a pimp, though. The second or so synch weirdness shouldn't be a HUGE issue for most of it.

And it's not like anyone can understand that one lazy-eyed chick (what the fuck is that accent? Scottish? Welsh?) anyway

Cool, thanks halon. You're the best.

Update: I tried downloading the second clip with downloadhelper (one o them crazy firefox addons) and still the same problem. Although it is increasingly hilarious to watch the overweight girl cry about no payphones. So it's still a win for me.

halon- Twitchy-tits is Scottish, Sam the Pimp and Miss Chav are from the West Midlands, Fatty-Fat-Fat is a Northerner, and The Other One is living close to the pale of civilization, north of Oxford. None of them can speak English properly, but at least the other four make a go of it.

Also: nigger nigger nigger nigger

Oh this defintely gets Five



Comrade Admiral
"Going to hell for laughin at neurological disorders" week at POE

We've been doing that for a long time!!! and worse.
also thank you for finding this shit halon.

wtf japan
I love how the British think we'd somehow be horribly offended by that. London Air Raid! London Air Raid!!

The entire thing deserves a 5 but if you don't have the time just skip to 13:20 and watch the advert.
So, one thousand stars to angerbot for putting this online. -1 for making me skip past commercials. -2 for lip sync issue in the second part. +3 for obese girl with self esteem problems and "Tell your boyfriend to stop calling me" t-shirt, +4 for Camp Director Scarface. +2 for the girl with the lotion compulsion, and +2 for nigger nigger Twin Towers.

What's that equal?
Really now, the commercials are half the fun. Britain is wacky.

When twitchy started greasing up fatty I couldn't help but think of silence of the lambs...
wtf japan
I've always been attracted to girls with large tics.
Five stars for that comment!

Can you imagine these kids in a Lord of the Flies/Battle Royale kind of setting?
Whizzler! Whizzler! Whizzler! Whizzler!
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