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Desc:Cheesy Grindhouse Movie Trailer
Category:Classic Movies, Horror
Tags:castration, grindhouse, rape, revenge
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Rodents of Unusual Size
It's boat murder week at POETV!
this movie was freaking awesome
aka Day of the Woman. Looking from a wider cultural and social context, this movie could be considered the apogee of the second wave of feminism in America.
So it seems like they show pretty much every revenge murder in the trailer. Except the blowjob castration maybe..

When I was a kid this was the box in the video store that always held the most sick fascination to me. Never had enough balls to try and rent it.

I rented this on VHS way back and all the "rape scenes" had been watched so many times that the tape in those areas was totally scratched.

I think the first one lasts like 5 minutes. Then she escapes and then they rape her again and it lasts another 5 minutes. It's pretty much just an anti-feminist porno disguised as a revenge fantasy (the woman is even a self-proclaimed feminist professor or something). Easily one of the most fucked up movies ever made and for all the wrong reasons.
wait, anti-feminist?

"yeah, fuck those hot-headed bra-burning whores, always murdering the people that brutally gang-rape them"

chauvinistic and simple, no doubt, but i'm not seeing the anti-feminist angle?


The main character is an outspoken feminist professor\journalist and the entire point of the movie is that she is raped graphically and unrealistically for the sexual arousal of the all male audience.

The revenge fantasy aspect is really just a gimmick.

Caminante Nocturno
I Puke on your Urn.

I Fart in your Mausoleum.

I Pee on your Memorial Roadside Marker.
Aubrey McFate
Now I'm imagining a grindhouse voiceover guy saying these. And I am smiling.

Adham Nu'man
I barf in your catacombs.

The 1946 novel this film is very loosely based on is actually quite good. Somewhat corny and naive in parts, but definitely chilling and brutal. By the way, in the novel the feminist is a black guy, and he's not raped.


Try and get the dvd with commentary by Joe Bob Briggs.
I had no idea.

Yes, yes I will get the dvd. Right now.

Does Joe Bob Briggs still have a show?


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