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Desc:This is not an April Fools joke, people.
Category:Advertisements, Horror
Tags:Animal Planet, groomer has it, dog groomers, reality shows
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Comment count is 18
Ugly people do not deserve good things just because they can cut a dog!!!!!
AND the title "Groomer of the Year"? Really? How can I join? That'll look great on my resume at IHOP!
Also, Wow that guy CAN taste victory!
As if I needed a new reason to hate people
This is some purestrain shit.

Billy the Poet
Bravo went from entertainment for educated cityfolk to entertainment for gays to entertainment for faggots. I predict "Who Wants to Design a Fursuit for Perez Hilton?" within five years.
Billy the Poet
Hmm. Must look so bad I assumed that it would be on Bravo.

Billy Buttsex
second law of billydynamics: all billys are geniuses.

They went all out with the celebrity host, though. One of the Queer Guys.
the one without a concrete talent to boot

"Can I smell his butt?"
The only thing worse and sadder than Bravo type reality shows centering allegedly glamorous or exciting careers (with hefty doses of soap opera twaddle and the token wacky guy who causes rifts) are niche channels trying to do something in the same vein. What next, is the Weather Channel going to do "So You Think You Can Forecast?"
"It was... not a acceptable thing to ask me to get that large of a dog done in 90 minutes."

Killer Joe
DUN-da-da-da-DUN-DUN-DUN, (BWOOOSH!)!!!!
Menudo con queso
Is it me, or have these judgment shows have become our culture's equivalent of Maoist self-criticism sessions?
Rodents of Unusual Size
We do need more dunce hats for these things.


I have some pitches to help satisfy the world's lust for "America's Best Guy" shows:

American Moppers
Solar Spectrography with the Stars!
Burger Bootcamp
Blowjob Nightmares
#1 Rabbi
The World's Smartest Kittens

Rodents of Unusual Size
Dude, I would totally watch Burger Bootcamp

Does anyone know what time "World's Smartest Kittens" is on?!

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