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Desc:yes! thats awesome!
Category:Classic Movies
Tags:mullet, oldschool, Will Farrell, dart gun, traquilizer
Submitted:Frank Rizzo
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Comment count is 16
You're crazy, man. I like you.

But you're crazy.
Tears in my eyes. This scene made this entire movie. Still incredibly funny.
andru strange

will farrell is just the non-jewish adam sandler: one character, a billion films.

Caminante Nocturno
I have a high opinion of this movie solely because of this scene.
Not funny. Not funny. BLOO-D.

Oh man, I just discussed this scene (and the one in Ace Ventura) not five minutes ago referring to it's reduce-reuse-recycle of the Ren and Stimpy gag done a few years previously.
See, if this were a clip of Ferrell really getting darted in the neck I'd probably give it a million stars. As it is...
u r 2 kewl 4 skewl

Minus an insane amount of stars for not including the part where he lays his terrible hand upon a child's head and throws them out of his way before collapsing in the pool.
Syd Midnight
Will Ferrell can make or break a scene, as in "break". Ignore everything except him, and think.. "Could a random PoE News regular do this as good? Or better? With a real dart gun? Would you rather see that?"

I could do better. Gimme a place and time, and a dart gun, and drive me there, and I'll prove it.
next best thing: you and me, paying spectators, alley behind chinese food place, ashtray full of ketamine.

fuck you all
This is correct.

It's amazing how much better a comedic actor STIFLER is than Will Farrell.
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