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Desc:Free for all in a car park...watch out for the obligatory Lada appearance
Tags:wedding, Russian, ass kicking
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Comment count is 18
Why can't the weddings I go to be this interesting?
The weddings you go to probably don't have even 1/3 as much vodka as the average Russian wedding.

or the average Russian breakfast even

that's going to be a really successful marriage - you can tell.
wtf japan
Who needs a video?
5 stars for the guy with the ripped pants. Whenever he can get a cheapshot or double team some guy he's all over it but otherwise he's just running away as fast as he can. It's beautiful.
My 5 go to him too. He bides his time, but when he can team up with a tubby, he becomes a force.

j lzrd / swift idiot
Run, ripped pants guy, run! NO WAIT, buddy up and kick some ass! NO WAIT RUN AGAIN!!

The traditional russian wedding "Culling Of The Weak And Old"
Dinky Patterson
This looks like a job for Roachbud.
CALL NOW to find your match
What were they doing hanging out in a parking lot anyways? This opens up so many more questions than it answers.
andru strange
mute it and they turn into the keystone cops.
j lzrd / swift idiot
Yeah, but the cheery Russian music is pretty fun to listen to also. Hell, just let the music play, and see how many other videos around here, when muted, are at least 10x better when you're listening to the music and watching the action.

I think I'm going to try it first with the drunk guy who attempts to rob a liqour store and keeps falling and impaling his spine on the top of winebottles.

Rodents of Unusual Size
Russia needs to just say no to LARP weddings.
Menudo con queso
Props to the skinny broad, she has no qualms about repeatedly getting in the middle of the hairy shit.
And she can take a punch.

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