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Desc:Dr. Charlene Werner explains life, the universe, and homeopathy
Category:Science & Technology, Humor
Tags:science, medicine, homeopathy, hawkings
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Comment count is 18
wtf japan
Now, if you go on to study physics you'll realize how full of shit I am. In fact, this can be achieved by simply reading a book. Any book. Preferably one that has been concussed so as to release its knowledge into a liquid solution which can then be applied directly to the forehead.
Sigh. My videos never make it out of the hopper.

The hopper system is sort of screwed up. Because it's screwed up, nobody uses it. Because nobody uses it, nothing ever gets out of the hopper. Because nothing ever gets out of the hopper, new people can't submit any videos. Because new people can't submit any videos, it makes people sad.

That being said, I would like to make this woman quiet with my penis. Like, what I mean is, I would like to put my penis into her mouth so that it just comes out like mrrrff mrrf massmrrff.

Frank Rizzo
this place is so broken.


have 2 different listings for videos.

2) about 30% of the time, links to videos come up with "invalid ID grab!" errors.

3) my best submission for a video has disapeared from the hopper, and it isnt found on either "front page"... see bullet 1

hey chet, your code sucks

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
You know it's fucked up when a Goronchev video gets shot down.

That YouTube link died (I assume it was the "Talk on homeopathy").

Cinnamon Imperialist
The hopper's working like a charm, now.

I liked her better in 2girls1cup.
Now, right, ok, so, ok light, ok eyes right? Right? OK!?
Dammit, didn't mean to five star this.

Frank Rizzo
this lady is so full of shit its not even funny, shes making me angry at how horrible shes representing physics.
Frank Rizzo
diabeetus... squeeky knee...

homeopathy is such a scam, the idea that something works better the more diluted the solution is, is such a joke.

I miss Hearbreak Kid. There, I said it.
Yes, that's who I thought of too while watching this dingbat.

Everything she explained there, she explained wrong. Most of it was completely irrelevant, but still wrong.
The truly clever thing about many scams like this is how they flatter idiots into believing they're smarter than they really are. I'm sure this dizzy bitch thinks she's a physics expert on par with Stephen "Hawkings".

'Dimwitted' plus 'condescending' is always such an enraging combination.
James Woods
Wait, so God gave this info to the first German doc, but science didn't like it, so God sent Stephen Hawking? JESUS FUCKING CHRIST woman.

Syd Midnight
It's like someone went to the Dumb Store and said "I'd like 10 pounds of fresh stupid, please."
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